Abbreviations And Slang Commonly Used

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Abbreviation Full Form
AA ArcheAge
Anth Anthalon
BC Burnt Castle
CR Crimson Rift
DGS Delphinad Ghost Ship
DS Diamond Shores
GR Grimghast Rift or Golden Ruins
GS Ghost Ship
Gweo Gweonid Forest
Halcy Halcyona (Usally refers to the war)
HF Hadir Farm
HS Hellswamp
Lev / Levi Leviathan
Mari Marianople
MM Mistmerrow (Usually refers to the war)
OR / OC Ocleera Rift
PC Palace Cellars
RD Red Dragon
Serp Serpentis
SM Sharpwind Mines
Solz Solzreed Peninsula
Cinder Cinderstone Moor