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Airships are free public transportation between zones. They travel slightly faster than carriages, but travel a much farther distance. You can use them to carry trade packs or to travel across a large area. But you should also exercise caution while riding airships unattended; watch out for shady characters hoping to isolate a target or push unaware travelers over the railings. And if you are accepting a Jury duty call then you will be ported back to the location you where at acceptance - even if it was high up in the air and the airship is no longer present!

Where to Find[]


Airship docks can be found on the map as transportation icons, which look like a bench. At these docks you can await the airship as well as track their location on your mini map using telescopes located at the base of the dock tower.

Note: Carriages share the same icon.

Travel Guide[]

To find out where an airship is going, you can talk to the NPC at the bottom of the dock or by using "Road Mark." If the airship is present, you can also click on it to see which areas it travels to.

Airships fly between two designated Airship Towers. These tend to be routes that cut significant time off of ground travel, but may require waiting at the tower for the airship to arrive. Once on board, you can also jump off of an airship mid-route, but gliders are recommended; these machines fly high above the ground!

Approximate Travel Times[]

Blue: airship route, Red: carriage route

Wait time at each stop is approximately 1 minute, 30 seconds



To Gweonid: 11 minutes, 20 seconds

To Solzreed: 11 minutes, 55 seconds


To Cinderstone: 10 minutes, 29 seconds

To Dewstone:

Aubre Cradle/White Arden

To White Arden: 4 minutes, 31 seconds

White Arden/Dewstone[]

To Dewstone: 7 minutes, 20 seconds

Karkasse Ridgelands/Marianople[]

12 minutes, 2 seconds


To Sanddeep: 5 minutes, 40 seconds

Sanddeep/Two Crowns[]

5 minutes 30 seconds


To Sanddeep: 5 minutes 56 seconds


Falcorth Plains/Mahadevi[]

10 minutes One Way

Falcorth Plains/Rookborne Basin[]

3 minutes 18 seconds One Way

7 minutes 6 seconds Round Trip

Falcorth Plains/Sunbite Wilds[]

9 mins One Way

Falcorth Plains/Villanelle[]

7 minutes One Way

15 minutes 30 seconds Round Trip

Falcorth Plains/Windscour Savannah[]

5 mins One Way

Hasla/Rookborne Basin[]

12 minutes One Way

21 minutes 30 seconds Round Trip