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Note: Before Archery was announced by Trion as the official English name of this skill set, it was referred to as Wild by the ArcheAge community.



This path of development will make the hero a skilled archer and ranger.
Rangers considered their patron Tayang Kaldzhit.

Archery is a damaging skillset that focuses on ranged physical damage. It has excellent range, some self-buffs, and two snares to help with keeping foes away from the archer.

It relies on Agility: Increases ranged attack +0.2 per point, ranged accuracy, melee/ranged evasion, melee/ranged critical rates.



Name Archery Reqs Description* Cost* Cast Time* Cooldown* Range* Effects Combos
Charged Bolt.png Charged Bolt Level 1 Fires a charged arrow at an enemy dealing 121 Ranged Damage and slowing Move Speed for 2.5sec. The Skill cannot be evaded, blocked, or parried. Damage is reduced -20% if the target is within 8m. 18 Mana Instant 10 Seconds Single 0-20m Effectslow.png Effectstun.pngEffectslow.png
Piercing Shot.png Piercing Shot Level 3 Fires a serrated arrow, dealing an initial 79 Ranged Damage and then inflicting Bleeding for 117 Magic Damage over 14sec. Damage is reduced -20% if target is within 8m. 31 Mana Instant 12 Seconds Single 0-20m Effectbleeding.png Effectbleeding.pngEffectpoison.pngEffectslow.png
Endless Arrows.png Endless Arrows Level 10 Fires arrows that deal 52% of Ranged Attack as damage. Damage decreases -20% if target is within 8m. Does not trigger a global cooldown. Hold down for continous use. 8 Mana Instant No cooldown Single 0-20m Effectbloodthirst.png Effectslow.png
Double Recurve.png Double Recurve Level 15 Increases Ranged Damage +9%. Lasts 30m. 52 Mana Instant 8 Seconds Caster Only
Deadeye.png Deadeye Level 20 Standing still for 1 second or more temporarily increases Ranged Attack by +20. Deadeye buff lasts for 60 seconds, but bonus damage ends with movement. Doesn't trigger a global cooldown. 82 Mana 1 Second 80 Seconds Caster Only
Snare.png Snare Level 25 Remove all Shackle Effects from the caster and inflicts Snare on enemies in a 5m area for 5.9sec. Reduces targets' Evasion, Block, and Parry rates. Duration of Snare decreases -50% in PvP. 71 Mana Instant 24 Seconds 5m PBAoE Effectsnared.png
Float.png Float Level 30 Lifts caster into the air for 12sec. Increases ranged skill range +7m and damage +30%, but prevents Defense and Magic Defense from reducing recieved damage. Prevents movement; canceled by using again. Can't be used while Snared. Prevents the use of skills with cast times. 207 Mana Instant 90 Seconds Caster Only
Boneyard.png Boneyard Level 35 Inflicts 329 Ranged damage on a target and all surrounding enemies in a 5m radius, confining them in a Bone Prison. Interrupts the target. The Bone Prison disappears in 10 seconds if not destroyed. 263 Mana Instant 45 Seconds Single 0-20m
Concussive Arrow.png Concussive Arrow Level 40 Fires an arrow that explodes on contact, dealing 506 Ranged Damage and Shackling all enemies within 6m of the target for 3.5sec. Interrupts the target. This skill cannot be evaded, blocked, or parried. 710 Mana 1.5 Seconds 30 Seconds GT? 0-20m AoE 6m Effectshackled.png
Missile Rain.png Missile Rain Level 45 Showers a target area with arrows to deal 118 Ranged Damage. 920 Mana 2.0 Seconds 22 Seconds GT 10-50m AoE 7m
Intensity.png Intensity Level 50 Gradually increases Ranged Critical Rate over 15sec. Grants immunity to Fear 289 Mana Instant 60 Seconds Caster Only
Icon skill wild24.png Snipe Level 55 Shoots a powerful arrow of light at a chosen target, dealing 676 Ranged damage to it and all enemies in the arrow's path. Enemies damaged by Snipe are immune to it for 6 seconds. 315 Mana 1.5 Seconds 27 Seconds

*Base values of Rank 1 skills. Values scale off ability rank, equipped items, and character level.


Name Archery Reqs Description
Wild Instincts.png Wild Instincts Skill Points 2+ Increases Move Speed +8%.
Eagle Eyes.png Eagle Eyes Skill Points 4+ Increases Ranged Accuracy +3% and Ranged Crit Rate +2%
Archery Expertise.png Archery Expertise Skill Points 6+ Decreases cooldown for Piercing Shot, Charged Bolt, Stalker's Mark, Missile Rain, Toxic Shot, and Snipe skills -10%.
Ranged Attack Evasion.png Ranged Attack Evasion Skill Points 7+ Increases Evasion Rate +8%.
Marksman.png Marksman Skill Points 6+ Increases range of all bow skills 5m.
Sharpshooting.png Sharpshooting Skill Points 9+ Increases Ranged Critical Rate +3% and deals +20% additional Ranged Critical damage.
File:Feral Claws.png Feral Claws Skill Points 10+ Increases Archery skill damage +15%.


Archery self-combos: Effectslow.png (due to cooldowns some Archery combos need an additional class or multiple Archers to 'self' combo.)

Class Archery combos with class Class combos with Archery Both classes have
Auramancy Effectslow.png none none
Battlerage Effectslow.pngEffectbleeding.pngEffectsnared.png Effectslow.png Effectslow.pngEffectsnared.png
Defense Effectslow.pngEffectsnared.png - if slowed Effectstun.png Effectstun.png if slowed Effectstun.png
Occultism Effectbleeding.png - if slowed Effectstun.png Effectslow.png - if impaled Effectpoison.png if distressed Effectstun.png Effectslow.png - if slowed/distressed Effectstun.png
Shadowplay* Effectslow.pngEffectbleeding.pngEffectmarked.png - if slowed Effectstun.png Effectstun.pngEffectpoison.png Effectshackled.png - if slowed Effectstun.png
Songcraft none Effectstun.png - if charmed Effectslow.png if charmed Effectslow.png
Sorcery none Effectslow.pngEffectstun.png Effectslow.pngEffectsnared.png - if slowed Effectstun.png
Vitalism none none Effectsnared.png
Witchcraft Effectsnared.pngEffectshackled.png - if slowed Effectstun.png Effectstun.png Effectsnared.png - if slowed Effectstun.png
*Piercing Shot is modified by Bloodthirst, primarily a Shadowcraft resource - Intensity and Archery Expertise modify Toxic Shot, a Shadowcraft skill.