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Aubre Cradle is the Dwarf starting zone, and they level from 1-15 here. It has a colorful landscape with snowfall. It is connected to Airain Rock.


  • Climate: Subarctic
  • Continent: Nuia
  • Faction: Andelph
  • Nation: Nuia Alliance
  • Vegetation:
  • Community Center: Vehicle Rental

Points of Interest[]

Snowsend Station/Sage's Gate[]

A train station that leads into Airain Rock's city of Andelph. There is also a large gate if you wish to travel by foot into Airain Rock.

Great Temple of Shatigon[]

A temple to honor the god Shatigon.

Giant's Mountains[]

Giant's Canyon[]


A town where the Dwarves live. It has several farming areas nearby, and large metalworks that paint the sky.

Clockwork Factory[]

A small town where you will quest through.

Specialty Packs[]

  • Aubre Cradle Rice Flour
  • Aubre Cradle Ethanol
  • Aubre Cradle Deviled Eggs
  • Aubre Cradle Fertilizer
  • Aubre Cradle Aged Cheese
  • Aubre Cradle Aged Salve
  • Aubre Cradle Aged Honey