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Note: Before Auramancy was announced by Trion as the official English name of this skill set, it was referred to as Will by the ArcheAge community.



Heroes who choose this path move instantly on the battlefield using Teleportation, while remaining virtually invulnerable to magic attacks.
Hase, God of Gates and Seals, is considered the Patron of Auramancy.

Auramancy is a defensive tree that favors mobility over endurance. It uses magical shields, teleportation, and brief periods of invincibility to avoid damage.



Name Auramancy Reqs Description* Cost* Cast Time* Cooldown* Range* Effects Combos
Thwart Thwart Lv1 Decreases Move Speed -30%, skill damage and attack speed -10%, and healing effectiveness -35%. Also inflicts Shaken on enemies within 6m for 3sec. Grants the caster 1 stack of Inspired, which can stack up to 3 times. 17 Mana Instant 15 Seconds PBAoE 6m EffectshakenEffectinspired
Comet's Boon Comet's Boon Lv5 Fires a flash of light that deals (72 + 100% Magic Attack) Physical Damage to all enemies hit. Increase the Move Speed of all allies it passes. 30 Mana Instant 12 Seconds Line-AoE 31m Effectinspired
Conversion Shield Conversion Shield Lv10 Creates an energy shield for 8sec. Converts 26% of Magic Damage to health. Does not trigger a global cooldown. 25 Mana Instant 30 Seconds Self Effectenergyshield
Vicious Implosion Vicious Implosion Lv15 Triggers a sudden, powerful implosion, pulling enemies within 10 meters towards you and dealing (172 + 100% Magic Attack) Magic Damage. 112 Mana Instant 15 Seconds PBAoE 10m EffectinspiredEffecttaunted
Teleportation Teleportation Lv20 Teleports caster 15 meters ahead. Can't teleport through walls or other solid objects. Can't be used while Snared. 47 Mana Instant 30 Seconds Self
Health Lift Health Lift Lv25 Increases health +396 for 30m. Works on caster or an ally. Does not stack with Refreshment. 61 Mana 1.5 Seconds none Single 25m
Meditate Meditate Lv30 Restores +4% of max mana per second for 9sec through meditation. Prevents movement or other actions. none Channeled 120 Seconds Self
Shrug It Off Shrug It Off Lv35 Cancels all Stun and Impale effects. Grants immunity to Stun and Impale for 4sec. Decrease incoming Magic Damage by 50%. 43 Mana Instant 24 Seconds Self Effectwillpower
Liberation Liberation Lv40 Grants immunity to Shackle and Silence for 20sec. 58 Mana Instant 60 Seconds Self Effectliberated Effectredoubt
Leech Leech Lv45 Interrupts an enemy's spell and inflicts Sleep for 14sec. Has a high chance to steal a buff from the target. Enemies will wake upon taking damage. Sleep duration reduced -50% in PvP. 149 Mana Instant 45 Seconds Single 4m Effectsleeping Effectslow
Protective Wings Protective Wings Lv50 Grants immunity from all magic damage to allies within 5 meters of the caster. 316 Mana Channeled 120 Seconds Self

*Base values of Rank 1 skills. Values scale off ability rank, equipped items, and character level.


Name Auramancy Reqs Description
Absorb Damage Absorb Damage Skill Points 2+ Converts 7% of received damage to health.
Hearten Hearten Skill Points 4+ Doubles the duration of Inspire.
File:Inspiration Cloak.png Inspiration Cloak Skill Points 6+ When you receive a critical damage, decreases the enemy's attack by 100 for 3 seconds. Cooldown 30s.
Unassailable Unassailable Skill Points 7+ Grants a 1% chance to become invincible for 3 seconds. Cooldown 30s.
Improved Targeting Improved Targeting Skill Points 8+ Increase Melee Accuracy +3% and Melee Critical Rate +2%.
File:Magic Condenser.png Magic Condenser Skill Points 9+ Increase Magic Accuracy +3% and Magic Critical Rate +2%.
Teleportation Discipline Teleportation Discipline Skill Points 10+ Has a 50% chance to eliminate Recall cooldown and allow consecutive Recalls.


Auramancy self-combos: Effectinspired

Class Auramancy combos with class Class combos with Auramancy Both classes have
Archery none Effectslow none
Battlerage Effectshaken EffectslowEffectinspired EffectshakenEffectinspired
Defense EffectenergyshieldEffectwillpowerEffectliberated EffectredoubtEffecttaunted Effectshaken
Occultism none Effectslow none
Shadowplay Effectshaken none none
Songcraft none if charmed Effectslow none
Sorcery Effectsleeping Effectslow none
Vitalism EffectinspiredEffectenergyshield Effectinspired Effectinspired
Witchcraft none none Effectsleeping