Pet armor

White Sabrefang with full armor.

Battle pets are used similar like Mounts. Each continent has their own pet: Haranya has the sabrefang cat and Nuia the wolfhound. Each race can obtain their battle pet next to Marianople or at Jaun's Ranch in Villanelle in a quest but it is possible to buy them there for 10 silver too (even from the enemy faction).

One needs to be level 20 to use a battle pet.

Pets can have defensive and offensive skills and are summoned in replacement of a mount. They can be equipped with the same equipment sold by the Stablemaster as mounts except they can't be equipped with a saddle but have body armor instead.

Types of PetsEdit

Version Picture Speed Pack Speed Location Price Abilities
Black Sabrefang
Red Sabrefang
White Sabrefang
Black Wolfhound

Black Panther

(not confirmed for Trion's ArcheAge)

Black panther battle pet
Golem Samurai

(not confirmed for Trion's ArcheAge)

Golem samurai pet

(not confirmed for Trion's ArcheAge)

Wyvern pet
Bloodclaw Ursun
Blood claw ursun battle pat
Polaris Ursun
Polaris Ursun pet
Arctic Kitsune
Arctic kitsune pet

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