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A Buff is a Enhancement similar to a Status effect but has a positive result on the character.

List of Buffs[]

Active Skill Buffs[]

Skilltree Skill Effects Affects Icon
Vitalism Mirror Light Increase received heals +15% for 3m. Allies
Mirror Light.png
Resurgence Regenerate +x hp over 10s. Allies
Aranzeb's Boon Increase spirit and int +22 for 30m. Group Membrers
Aranzeb's Boon.png
Renewal 15% chance to restore x hp on hit for 30s. Allies
Twilight AoE Stealth. Group Members
Auramancy Comet's Boon Increased movement speed. Allies
Comet's Boon.png
Health Lift x max HP increase. Group Members
Health Lift.png
Protective Wings Magic damage immunity 5m radius AoE. Anyone
Protective Wings.png
Conversion Shield Creates an energy shield for 8sec. Converts 26% of Magic Damage to health. Self
Conversion Shield.png
Shrug It Off Cancels all Stun and Impale effects. Grants immunity to Stun and Impale for 4sec. Decrease incoming Magic Damage by 50%. Self
Shrug It Off.png
Liberation Grants immunity to Shackle and Silence for 20sec. Self
Inspired Increases Attack Speed and improve some of skills form vitalism and auramancy Self
Witchcraft Purge Increase magic defence +25% and remove 1 debuff. Allies
Courageous Action Fear and sleep immunity. Self
Courageous Action.png
Songcraft Quickstep Increase movement speed AoE. Group Members
Perform Quickstep.png
Hummingbird Ditty Reduce cast time by X% for 30m. Group Members
Hummingbird Ditty.png
Ode to Recovery Restore +x hp AoE. Group Members
Perform Ode to Recovery.png
Rhythmic Renewal Restore +x hp AoE 3m radius for 60s. Group Members
Rhythmic Renewal.png
Bulwark Ballad Increase Phys and Magic def AoE. Group Members
Perform Bulwark Ballad.png
Bloody Chanty Increase Attack and Attack Speed AoE. Group Members
Perform Bloody Chanty.png
Alarm Call AoE 15m stun and sleep immunity. Group Members
Alarm Call.png
Sorcery Magic Circle Increase Magic attack +x and Magic Critical Rate +5%. Allies
Magic Circle.png
Insulating Lens Makes a shield with Tripped Immunity, Physical Defense +700 and stealth detection +200%. Self
Insulating Lens.png
Shadowplay Stealth Makes the player invisible Self
Freerunner Increases Move Speed +35%and Agility +160. Grants immunity to Poison while in effect. Lasts 30s. Self
Bloodthirst increase Damage of certains skills of Shadowplay skillset Self
Occultism Urgency Reduces cooldown for Occultism skills -9 seconds. Lasts 1m 30s Self
Death's Vengeance As you die, blasts your remaining energy to deal (1448 + 402% Magic Attack) Magic Damage to enemies within 15m. Self
Icon skill death27.png
Retribution Returns 50% of received Melee Damage to the enemy. Lasts 10sec Self
Battlerage Bondbreaker Remove Snared, Slowed, Launched, Lassitude, Telekinesis ; gains immunity to these; and -50% Melee and Ranged Physical Damage for 4s. Self
Battle Focus Decreases cooldown of Battlerage skills -20% and increases Parry chance +20% for 20s Self
Battle Focus.png
Frenzy Increases Melee Attack and Magic Attack +30each time you receive damage and absorbs+21%of all received Magic Damage. Self
Archery Float Lifts caster into the air for 12sec. Increases the range of Ranged Skills +7m and the damage +30%, but prevents Defense and Magic Defense from reducing damage. Prevents movement; canceled by using again. Can't be used while Snared. Prevents the use of skills that take time to cast. Self
Deadeye Increases Range Attack +20. Lasts 10sec. Doesn't trigger a global cooldown; ends with movement. Self
Double Recurve Increases Ranged Damage +9%. Lasts 30m. Self
Double Recurve.png
Intensity Increases Ranged Critical Rate for 15sec. Grants additional Bloodthirst for every basic bow attack, Toxic Shot, Piercing Shot, Charged Bolt, Concussive Arrow, and Stalker's Mark that hits its target. Grants immunity to Fear. Self
Defense Refreshment x max HP increase. Self
Toughen Restores +6 health every second, even during combat. Lasts 30m. Increases Mettle as damage is received. Self
Redoubt Raises a shield around caster for 20sec. Increases Block Rate +25% and decreases Move Speed -10%. Prevents being Pushed or Knocked Down. Self
Mocking Howl Taunts all enemies within 7m to make them attack you for 4sec. Increases Aggro by the amount of stacked Mettle; consumes all stacks of Mettle. Self
Mocking Howl.png
Invincibility Grants immunity to all damage for 12sec. Effect is canceled if you move. Self