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The Carrot is a vegetable that is commonly found in the wilderness of Erenor. It has many uses, but is mainly used in cooking and the Dreaming donkey skill. Can be used to produce 12 Chopped Produce.

How To Obtain[]

There are three methods in which one can procure this material:

  1. Farming (Using Carrot Seeds)
  2. Finding it in the open world and Using Labor Points to Harvest it
  3. Buying it from the Auction House

Carrot Txt

Created by[]

Produced Seed Ideal Climate Growth time (Ideal) Growth time (Other) Additional drops Labor points used
2-4 x Carrot Carrot 1 x Carrot seed Carrot seed Temperate 30m (water 27m) 43m (water 38m) Flavorful Carrot 1

Used in[]

Produced Plant Reagent
12 x Chopped Produce Chopped Produce 10 x Carrot Carrot 1 x Blue Salt Knife