ArcheAge Wiki

Server selection[]

North American(NA) and European(EU) players are given separate sets of servers to choose from. See Servers page for more detailed information about the servers.

North American servers[]

  • Aria
  • Kadum
  • Nui

European servers[]

  • Ezi
  • Jakar
  • Taris

Character creation[]


Race selection screen.


Appearance customization screen.


Skillset selection and naming screen.

Players are allowed a maximum of four characters per server (initially two, with an additional two purchasable slots), and six characters total across all servers.

Race selection[]

Players are able to choose between two factions and six races:

Nuian Alliance[]

Haranya Alliance[]

Appearance customization[]

Initial appearance customization involves choosing between one of nine preset faces. Players may "blend" two of these faces into a new one. All subsequent changes to character appearance will only affect the preset chosen. If another is chosen after making detailed changes, those changes are lost.

Detailed appearance customization includes options for changing hair (including facial) style and color, skin color, makeup, lip and eye color, and facial paint, marks, and scars. Specific customization options can vary between the races.

Skillset selection[]

The player's chosen skillset will determine the initial playstyle of the character. Two additional skillsets can be chosen after the character meets certain level requirements. The initial skillset and any subsequent skillset selections can be changed later in-game.

Skillsets available during character creation only include six of the ten:

  • Battlerage- Melee/Warrior. Wields either a large two-handed weapon or dual wields smaller weapons.
    • "The Battlerage skillset is symbolized by Kyrios, the God of Destruction. The devastating attacks of his devotees bombard their enemies mercilessly, until finally their foes kneel, bleeding, and bow before pure, destructive victory."
  • Sorcery- Caster/Wizard. Focused on offensive elemental spells.
    • "The ancient archmage Aranzeb symbolizes sorcery. His followers leash powerful, unpredictable magic into versatile elemental and protection spells, just as Aranzeb once controlled his anger and sadness to confront his bloody destiny with serenity."
  • Archery- Ranged/Marksman. Uses a bow to attack from range and traps to stay there.
    • "The ancient plains warrior, Tahyang, pledged to protect the Firran tribes with true aim and an honest soul. He keeps this pact even in death by bestowing his powers on anyone with a pure heart. His disciples use ranged attacks to pursue foes unrelentingly and deal a vicious justice."
  • Vitalism- Caster/Healer. Focused on healing spells.
    • "The Vitalism skillset is symbolized by Kyprosa, who was tasked with guarding the gate to the dream realm rather than participate in reality. Now, her disciples heal and revive fallen allies rather than participate in bloodbaths themselves, providing crucial life support in battle."

Skill Points[]

Skillsets determine the skills that are available to you. Skill points determine the actual skills that you have. Most skills cost 1 skill point, but many active skills have level restrictions and passive skills have restrictions based on the total number of skill points you've spent within a skill set. Some active skills may gain in Rank as you level up, making them more powerful, some never leave Rank 1. You get a couple of skill points to start with and then gain one every 5 levels. Think carefully about how you spend them - although you can, for a fee, drop a skill set and reclaim the skill points you put into it by talking with any Priestess of Nui or Skill Manager. You are then able to select a different skillset).


Names in ArcheAge must be unique and must not contain spaces. Basic naming standards (no vulgarity, copyrighted material) apply.

Names can be changed with the Name Change service (purchased with credits) every thirty days. However, names already taken will not be available.


Characters can be deleted by selecting the "Delete" option at the bottom of the character selection screen and typing the character's name when prompted. Character deletion requires a wait period depending on character level. A character from level 1 to 9 has a wait period of 10 minutes, a character from level 10 to 29 has a wait period of 24 hours, and a character from level 30 to 50 has a wait time of a full week.