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Cinderstone Moore


Cinderstone Moor is the Nuian zone where Crimson Rifts and Grimghast Rifts occur. Players engage in these rifts with daily quests active to earn honor points.

These rifts occur every 12 in-game hours (two real hours), with Crimson Rift occurring at noon, and Grimghast Rift occurring at midnight.

Points of Interest[]

On the west side of Cindersone Moor, the land is verdant and supports many types of plant life, including several groves of olive trees.

The northeast side of the zone hosts the dungeon Burnt Castle.

Offshore, to the southeast, there is a vast underwater lava field, hosting a great number of ore deposits yielding Starshard Chip, which are used to create Starshard Ingot.

It hosts one of Nuia's three continental Trade Outlets that sell Nuian Cargo.

Native Plants[]

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