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Climate affects growth time of plants, livestock, and trees. Every zone has a unique climate that does not change.


Nuia (West)[]

Zone Climate PvP Zone
Solzreed Peninsula Temperate No
Gwenoid Forest Temperate No
Lilyut Hills Temperate No
Dewstone Plains Temperate No
White Arden Temperate No
Marionople Temperate No
Two Crowns Temperate No
Cinderstone Moor Temperate Yes
Halcyona Temperate Yes
Hellswamp Tropical Yes
Sanddeep Tropical Yes
Karkasse Ridglands SubArctic Yes


Zone Climate PvP Zone
Arcum Iris Arid No
Falcorth Plains Temperate No
Tigerspine Mountains Temperate No
Mahadevi Tropical No
Solis Headlands Arid No
Villanelle Temperate No
Silent Forest Temperate No
Ynystere Temperate Yes
Rookboorne Basin Temperate Yes
Windscour Savannah Arid Yes
Perinoor Ruins Tropical Yes
Hasla Temperate Yes