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Note: For the skill set previously referred to as Combat by the ArcheAge community, please see Battlerage.


ArcheAge uses a modified version of the popular tab target combat system found in many other MMOs. In addition to more fluid controls, it has been expanded to include a large combo system where various skills can be combined to greater effect most noticable in parties when combining skills from multiple builds.

Unlike many other types of tab-targeting combat systems in ArcheAge you can cast while moving which aids in evasion and can lead to bonuses for avoiding hits while dealing damage.

ArcheAge also has mounted combat and naval combat for players to explore.

Basic Combat[]

Combo System[]

Combo attacks can be performed by looking at a buff or debuff you or your opponent has. Usually, striking an enemy with a specific skill will cause some sort of debuff, in which another skill can cause the debuff to deal extra damage to the person or to add another debuff to them. When you attack or buff/heal someone, you will see an orange or blue border around a skill. An orange border around a skill icon means that the skill will deal more damage/heal more with the enemy having a certain debuff. A blue border usually means that if you attack with a skill with a blue border, it will cause another debuff on the enemy, or a new/improved buff on you or an ally.

Classes are able to perform combo attacks by utilizing skills from different skill trees. Although there are usually several combos in one skillset, debuffs/buffs from other skillsets add to the number of different combos you can do.

Death & Resurrection[]

There are many ways to die in ArcheAge but don't worry, it isn't permanent.
After a player dies they will resurrect at the last visited or closest deity statue. They receive a stacking 10 minute debuff that results in a longer wait(up to 180 seconds) before their next resurrection.

Death by Monster[]

Death at the hands of a monster/NPC will result in % damage to gear and loss of combat experience. Players reviving from this type of death are eligible for stat boosting skills.

Death by Player[]

Death at the hands of a another player has no negative effects other than the pre-mentioned resurrection debuff.
Players will still drop trade packs and similar items upon death.
Players reviving from this type of death are not eligible for stat boosting skills.

Death in an Instance[]

Players who die in an instance will also receive % damage to gear, experience loss, and be teleported to the start of the instance.

Resurrection by Player[]

Players may be revived by friendly members of the same faction who possess the Resurrection skill. Being revived in this way prevents any experience loss. However if one is revived using a Resurrection Scroll, they will only revive with 5% of their max HP and MP, and the same amount of XP if they respawned at a Nui Statue.