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A production skill focusing on creation of Trade Packs and Auction House sales.

Commerce mainly focuses on the act of creating and turning in Trade Packs. There are two main types of cargo that can be traded

  • Cargo: Cargo is the trade pack that can be taken across continents and to other locations to turn in for crafting materials.
  • Specialties: Trade packs that stay on the continent that they were crafted. These can be turned in to the local specialty buyer for gold.


Cargo is a special type of trade pack that is designed to be taken to another continent and turned in at specific zones and locations. Players cannot craft Cargo, and can only buy Cargo from one of the cargo sellers on either Nuia or Haranya.

Cargo will take 75 Labor to purchase from the cargo seller, and the price of the cargo is based on how many cargo packs have been purchased and if enough specalties were turned in at that specific zone, as it requires normal specialties, fertilizers, and Aged larders to reduce the price of the cargo pack.

Cargo sellers and buyers are located in the following zones:

Cargo is affected by freshness, and the value of the pack will decay over time.

Continent Zone Cargo Seller Cargo Buyer Turn in Reward
Nuia CInderstone Moor Yes
Nuia Two Crowns Yes Yes Onyx Archeum Essence
Nuia Solzreed Peninsula Yes
Haranya Solis Headlands Yes Yes Onyx Archeum Essence
Haranya Yes
Haranya Yes
Sunspeck Sea Freedich Island No Yes Dragon Essence Stabilizer
Auroria Diamond Shores(East) No Yes Onyx Archeum Essence
Auroria Diamond Shores(West) No Yes Onyx Archeum Essence


  • No tools are required for commerce but it does become vastly easier to transport Trade Packs if one has a vehicle such as a car or a hauler. Also, you sometimes have to craft items required for creating Trade Pack.
  • Most Trade packs require 70 labor points(or less depending on the proficiency)

Routes and Prices[]

See Trade Packs


To see a list of all craftable trade packages and the resources needed to craft them, please see Trade Packages

Item Materials Proficiency Labor Workbench
Elite Merchant's Cushion 3 x Cashmere Thread, 10 x Fabric, 20 x Handicraft Yarn, 1 x Yellow Pigment 10,000 25 Specialty Workbench
Bird's Eye Telescope 1 x Bird's Eye Telescope Design, 5 x Starshard Ingot, 3 x Starlight Archeum Crystal, 3 x Amethyst, 1 x Black Pearl 10,000 25 Specialty Workbench