The Court is part of the Crime and Punishment system of ArcheAge.

Court RoomEdit

The court rooms are located in each faction's capital city (Marianople for the west and Austera for the east).

Anybody can travel to the location of their faction's court room and sit and watch trials commence. There are even interactive piles of stones viewers can use to get stones to throw at people.

While a trial is active, the Jury, the Judge, and the Defendant can speak openly in Trial Chat. No one else can speak in trial Chat, but everyone can see it, even if they are not in the court room.

Only characters actually in the court room can see the Charges screen, and only the Jury can vote on a verdict.

Jurors can also select the time they would like to see the defendant serve if found guilty, after they vote on the verdict.

Marianople - NuiaEdit

Marianople courtroom

The Courtroom for the Western Kingdom of Nuia is located in the city of Mariaople near the middle of the city,

but slightly to the north west quarter from city center.

Austera - Haranya Edit

Austera Courtroom

The Courtroom for the Eastern Kingdom of Haranya is located in the city of Austera near the entrance to the

south east of the city.

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