As a game with strong sandbox influence, the majority of the content in game is generated by players. ArcheAge features 22 different crafting professions that help to fill the world with everything from Food, Potions, Contraptions, Armor, Weapons, etc.

Labor Points

Almost every craft based, non quest action costs labor points to perform. The cost can be as small as 1-2 points for small things such as picking flowers and as large as several dozen for more advanced actions like building.

Labor Points are refilled over time. A non-premium user will gain 5 points per 5 minutes of play and 0 points per 5 minutes while offline. A premium member will gain 10 points every 5 minutes and 10 (As of the latest patch 1.7) points every 5 minutes while offline.

A non-premium user's Labor Point cap is 2,000, whereas for a premium member (Patron), has a cap of 5,000.

Skill Tiers

Each profession has 10 different levels of mastery- Novice, Veteran, Expert, Master, Authority and Champion, Adept, Herald, Virtuoso, and Maestro Lv1.

  • Amateur is maxed at level 10,000. Any number of skills may be leveled to this point.
  • Novice is maxed at level 20,000. Only 7 skills may be upgraded from Amateur to Novice.
  • Veteran is maxed at level 30,000. Only 6 skills can be upgraded from Novice to Veteran.
Gives 5% Labor Points reduce and 5% Crafting time reduce.
  • Expert is maxed at level 40,000. Only 5 skills can be upgraded from Veteran to Expert.
Gives 10% Labor Points reduce and 10% Crafting time reduce.
  • Master is maxed at level 50,000. Only 4 skills can be upgraded from Expert to Master.
Gives 15% Labor Points reduce and 15% Crafting time reduce.
  • Authority is maxed at level 70,000. Only 3 skills can be upgraded from Master to Authority.
Gives 20% Labor Points reduce and 20% Crafting time reduce.
  • Champion is maxed at level 90,000. Only 2 skills can be upgraded from Authority to Champion.
Gives 23% Labor Points reduce and 23% Crafting time reduce.

The total available specializations can be increased by using Specialization Snowflakes. Increasing the level of mastery in a skill offers benefits such as increased action speed, decreased labor costs, and mass production of items in addition to the regular increase on craftable items.


Here's a closer look at the 22 professions.

New Alchemy.png
New Cooking.png
New Weaponry.png
New Carpentry.png
New Metalworking.png
New Leatherwork.png
New Tailoring.png
Alchemy Cooking Weaponry Carpentry Metalwork Leatherwork Tailoring
New Handicrafts.png
New Construction.png
New Machining.png
New Commerce.png
New Farming.png
New Husbandry.png
New Masonry.png
Handicrafts Construction Machining Commerce Farming Husbandry Masonry
New Gathering.png
New Logging.png
New Mining.png
New Printing.png
New Fishing.png
New Larceny.png
Gathering Logging Mining Printing Fishing Larceny Artistry Exploration


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