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This game has a unique piece of content that involves player griefing punishments and rewards. While in most MMOs, griefing - the intentional use of in-game actions with the intent of harming or annoying another player - is frowned upon by the majority of the gamer base. ArcheAge has added a twist to the condition by adding the Crime and Punishment system.

In this system, a Player Character can make a grievance on another player by stealing their unprotected farm goods, attacking other players, and killing other players. When the player does this, their character gains Criminal Points. Upon that character's next PvP death, they are teleported to a Court Room instead of reviving at a normal respawn point.



Trail Information Screen

When the offending character gains 50 or more Criminal Points, and are killed in PvP, they respawn in a Court Room for their faction's capital city. Anyone may attend a courtroom hearing, but only the Jury and Defendant may speak openly in Trial Chat. A jury consisting of 5 other players, an NPC Judge, and the Defendant review the details of the defendant's crimes on a pop-up screen.

Note: While other player characters in the court room can see the pop-up, only the Jury can vote on a verdict.

The hearing has 5 phases:

  1. Opening
  2. Charges
  3. Plead
  4. Judge
  5. Sentence

During the entire trial, the defendant and Jury can speak openly in Trial Chat. The Judge only says two things:

  1. Opening - "Begin the trial of {Defendant's Name}."
  2. Sentencing - "The defendent, {Defendant's name}, is guilty of all charges and sentenced to {xMinutes} in prison.
    • Alternatively, if the Jury finds them innoccent (inno), the judge will say, "The court finds the defendant, {Defendat's Name}, innocent." then, "The Innocent verdict decreased the infamy points of the defendant, {Defendant's Name}, by {however many points were gained for the crimes they were on trial for in this hearing}.

At an innocent verdict, the jury and defendant are returned back to the location where they were broght from. For a guilty verdict, the jury returns to were they were brought from and the defendant is sent to Prison.

Note: If you read the Prison page, you can see that the defendant can actually excape, however they retain the debuff and cannot do anything except roam the world as an escaped convict.

After a character receives 3000 infamy points, they are declared a pirate, removed from their guild (if they are in one), and remain attackable by ALL - including NPCs and Guards - for the rest of their lives. Infamy can be reduced, however, by doing forgiveness quests to reduce their total infamy points each turn-in.

Since they are no longer welcome, even in their home land, the game has a land specifically for Pirates, called Growlgate Isle in the Stormraw Sound north of Nuia.

Jury Edit

Archeage online How to get on the jury east faction sandbox mmorpg

Archeage online How to get on the jury east faction sandbox mmorpg

Tutorial on How to Become a Juror

Players over the level of 30 have the opportunity to become selectable for Jury Duty by completing a quest line, beginning in their faction's Capital city.

Located to the right is a video tutorial on how to get the ability to join a jury. While the video explains the Haranyan version, the system is very similar for Nuia.

Note: To become a juror, your character cannot have any infamy or crime points active on that character.

Crime and Infamy (Copied over from Edit

Crime Points and Infamy Points are a set of attributes that appear on the character sheet, indicating their

Archeage crime points

criminal activity. Committing crimes against friendly faction members leaves evidence on the ground in the form of bloodstains or footprints, both of which can be reported by other players to give the perpetrator Crime Points. If at least 50 points are accrued, the criminal earns a “Wanted” debuff, which causes them to go to jail the next time they are killed by another player.

Whenever evidence is reported, the perpetrator receives an equal amount of both Crime Points and Infamy Points. But while Crime Points are erased as soon as the criminal has finished their time in jail, Infamy Points stay on their character sheet as a cumulative record of their criminal activity. Unless their Infamy Points are reduced, a repeat offender will eventually earn 3,000 Infamy Points and become a pirate.

Only three activates are considered crimes within ArcheAge, and they each award a different amount of Crime Points. They are listed below:

  • Larceny, or theft, occurs during the uprooting, chopping down, butchering, or gathering of crops and/or animals that belong to another player. This is most commonly accomplished by stealing from another player’s secret farm. Theft has a chance to leave evidence in the form of Footprints, which can be reported by other players for 3 Crime Points each. Note: Theft only leaves evidence when committed on a player’s home continent. It is not considered a crime to steal from secret farms on other continents, as they presumably belong to the enemy.
  • Assault occurs whenever someone assaults a player who belongs to his or her friendly faction. Assault always leaves evidence in the form of a Small Bloodstain, which can be reported for 1 Crime Point. It should be noted that attacking a friendly player inflicts the perpetrator with the “Retribution” debuff for 30 seconds, which allows other players to safely defend themselves without earning Crime Points.
  • Murder occurs whenever someone kills a player who belongs to his or her friendly faction. Murder always leaves evidence in the form of a Large Bloodstain, which can be reported for 10 Crime Points.

When a player is sent to jail, all current Crime Points are erased, but their Infamy Points remain. If a player chooses to stand trail for their crimes and is found innocent, their Crime Points and Infamy Points are both reduced by an amount equal to their current Crime Points. Additionally, a number of daily quests exist on Nuia and Haranya that can reduce a character’s Crime Points and Infamy Points if completed.

Note: If a character has surpassed 50 Crime Points and received the "Wanted" debuff, it will remain until that character is killed and either stands trial or goes to jail, even if their Crime Points have since been reduced below 50.

Either faction can complete quests from either continent after first meeting the jailer to unlock the daily quests.

Haranya (East) Quests

  • Jailer Visha: (Memoria Lake) Public Service: Isle of Penance / Solis Headlands -- Report to Foreman Canzel,
    • Foreman Canzel: (Memoria Lake) Construction Clean-Up: Austera / Solis Headlands -- Clear Construction Debris [15] (-20 Crime Points + 10 copper)
    • Wharf Overseer Inzagi: (Memoria Lake) Unloading the Burden: Austera / Solis Headlands -- Use Kalia Family Cargo [3] (-20 Crime Points + 10 copper)
    • Wandering Confessor: (Memoria Lake) Redeemed Sinners: Darkgleem / Rookborn Basin -- User tokens on three NPCs from around the zone (-30 Crime Points + 10 copper)

Nuia (West) Quests

  • Absolving Confessor: (??) Taking Out the Trash: Mermaid's Tears / Sanddeep -- ?? (30 Crime Points + 10 copper)
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