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The main in-game currency. You earn gold from questing, selling, trading, fishing, looting purses, etc. There is no limit to how much gold you can hold in your inventory or warehouse. There is a limit on the maximum amount of gold that can be traded, sent via mail, and or listed on the auction house in a single transaction.


This is your main resource constraint. Labor is a system ArcheAge uses to constrain players from endless farming / gold generation as almost every action requires labor of various amounts. Labor regenerates over time and can be boosted by items and buffs.

There are two types of labor: Online and offline

Online Labor:

Online labor is yellow and shown on the left side of the labor bar. Online labor generates at 15 labor per 5 minutes online. Online labor is server specific, and has a cap of 5,000 by default and you cannot generate more labor over the labor cap while online. The labor cap can be boosted by the use of Archeblessing (+2,000 labor cap, +5 labor per 5 minutes online).

Offline Labor:

Offline labor is blue and is shown on the right side of the labor bar. Offline labor generates at 10 labor per 5 minutes offline. Offline labor is account wide. Offline labor has a cap of 5,000 by default and you cannot generate more labor over the labor cap while offline. The labor cap can be boosted by the use of Archeblessing (+2,000 labor cap).

Offline labor cannot be generated without patron (enabled by default on AAU (Unchained)). Offline labor is consumed before online labor.

Labor Rechargers and potions:

Labor Recharger

Labor Recharger is a potion that grants a minimum of +500 labor and up to +1,000 labor to the online labor pool. These potions have diminishing returns and a cap.

Number of Chargers Returned Labor
1 +1,000
2 +975
3 +951
4 +927
5 +904
6 +881
7 +784
8 +680
9 +589
10 +511
11 +500
12 +500
13 +500
14 +500
15 +500

Labor Rechargers can be obtained from Manastorms (unchained) or Credits (Legacy) as well as various in-game events, daily login, compensation packs, code redemption, or archepass.

Adventurer’s Winged Elixir

This potion grants additional labor regen while online, the strength of the boost grows with each hour up to five hours total.

Hour Labor
1 +3 per 5 min
2 +5 per 5 min
3 +9 per 5 min
4 +12 per 5 min
5 +15 per 5 min

If you are logged out (or crash) when the elixir changes ranks, the effect will end and you will lose the potion buff. This does not reset the cooldown and you have to wait the full time to use another one.

You gain Adventurer’s Winged Elixirs from completing guild group missions and from various events or compensation packs.

Angel Elixir

This elixir lasts for 50 minutes and grants 100 labor every 5 minutes for a total of 1,000 labor. Must be online. These are not readily available in the game and are granted for events or compensation. Occasionally in the daily login rewards.


Gilda stars are earned currency that is used to purchase house designs, vehicle designs, boat designs, costumes designs, undergarment designs, glider designs, and pet/mount souls.

Gilda Store
Main Shop (N) / Mirage Price Gilda Star Soul Merchant Price Gilda Star Design Merchant Price Diamond Shores Gilda Merchant Price
Small Breath of Life 10 Small Breath of Life 10 Glider Companion Design 500
Spired Chateau 3,000 Black Arrow Soul 500 Gilded Royal Glider Design 500
Timber Coupe V2 Design 500 Soulmare Soul 500 Marauder's Glider Design 500
Mad Steambike Design 1,000 Stormdarter Soul 350 Astra Wings Design 500
Lutesong Junk Design 500 Cloudstrike Panther Soul 350 Combat Costume Design 300
Seawhip Speedboat Design 500 Royal Griffin Soul 350 Farm Wagon Design 100
Thatched Farmhouse Design 300 Coral Soul 350 Undergarments Design 500
Apex Squall Design 1,500 Mirage Bjorne Soul 350 Mad Steambike Design 1,000
Comet Speedster Design 1,500 Mirage Elk Soul 350 Timber Coupe V2 Design 500
Ironclad Design 1,000 Mirage Leomorph Soul 350 Seawhip Speedboat Design 500
Wheeled Mortar Design 500 Ironclad Design 1,000
Scroll: Farm Cart 50 Wheeled Mortar Design 500
Adventurer's Clipper Design 100 Lapis Steamfish Submarine Design 250
Harpoon Clipper Design 100 Ruby Steamfish Submarine Design 250
Merchant Schooner Design 500 Platinum Steamfish Submarine Design 250
Fish-Find Longliner Design 500 Experimental Glider 1
Eznan Cutter Design 500 Improved Glider Design 5
Lapis Steamfish Submarine Design 250 Enhanced Glider Design 10
Ruby Steamfish Submarine Design 250 Ultimate Glider Design 15
Platinum Steamfish Submarine Design 250 Ezi's Glider Design 150
Aquafarm Design 100 Red Dragon Glider Design 150
Tidal Bungalow Design 500 Moonshadow Glider Design 150
Breezy Bungalow Design 300 Thunderbolt Glider Design 150
Stone Rose Mansion Design 1,000 Skywhisper Glider Design 300
Stone Slate Mansion Design 1,000
Stone Spring Mansion Design 1,000
Midnight Swept-Roof Mansion Design 1,000
Building Bundle: 8x8 (Workbenches) 50
Tent Bundle: 8x8 (Tents) 80
Building Bundle: 16x16 100
Building Bundle: 2-story 24x24 300
Building Bundle: 24x24 200
Building Bundle 2-story 28x28 500
Building Bundle: 28x28 400
Fellowship Plaza 500
Treehouse Building Bundle 800
Skywhisper Glider Design 300
Thunderbolt Glider Design 150
Moonshadow Glider Design 150
Red Dragon Glider Design 150
Ezi's Glider Design 150
Ultimate Glider Design 15
Enhanced Glider Design 10
Improved Glider Design 5
Experimental Glider Design 1
Silverwolf Plate Design 100
Lordly Iceraven Robes Design 100
Imperial Huntsman's Leathers Design 100
Wyrdwind Viola 600
Lord of the Dance Token 600
Snowing Table 200
Constellation Jar 30




Kyrios Badges

Divine Key:

You gain a timewinder token every 30 minutes logged in for a total of 10 per day. This resets at the server reset time (12am EST for NA servers). Combine 10 timewinder tokens to get a Divine Key box - a RNG box resulting in anywhere from 3 - 50 divine keys.

The divine keys are used in the main shop (Default Key - “N”) under the award tab. The following items are available to be purchased with Divine Keys:

Divine Key Items
Item Key Price Item Key Price
Dreamy Plushie Table 800 Rally Team Title Box 300
Bound Golden Die 7 Mysterious Hothouse Flower Pot 7
Mysterious Hothouse Herb Pot 6 Mysterious Hothouse Crops Pot 9
Mysterious Hothouse Vegetable Pot 6 Mysterious Hothouse Spice Pot 3
Battle Fae (50 Synthesis Exp) 6 Little Witch 2,000
Carrot Wings 1,000 Carrot-Captor Helm 100
Carrot-Captor Saddle 200 Carrot-Captor Legguards 200
Phoenix Phish 500 Bloodclaw Ursun 300
Crest Steel Bucket 200 Gilt Spiral Glider 300
Flaming Pinion 2 White Crest Long-Sleeve Tee 50
White Crest T-shirt 50 Andelph Orgel 100
Tiny Treasure Taffy 3 Radiant Runescribe Quill 450
Runescribe Quill 300 Candy-fueled Bestcargot 200
Titan Hunter's Top Hat 1 Crest Cube 50
Halved Crest Cube 50 Small Crest Cube 50
Crest Column 50 Bound War Tiger Armor Box 500
Cuckoo Rabbit Armor Set 200 Pantheon's Punishment Image Item 500
Pantheon's Judgement Image Item 500 Candy-fueled Fastropod 300
Battle Fae: Combat 800 Shayeera -> Kamari Ticket 500
Rajani -> Kamari Ticket 500 Elixir of Insatiable Greed 10
Stuffed Plushie Chest 30 Goddess's Weapon Chest 900
Goddess's Luck Chest 10 Nui's Chosen Hood 400
Nui's Chosen Shirt 500 Nui's Chosen Pants 450
Nui's Chosen Cap 400 Nui's Chosen Jerkin 500
Nui's Chosen Breeches 450 Nui's Chosen Helm 400
Nui's Chosen Cuirass 500 Nui's Chosen Greaves 450
Companion Crust 25 Arctic Kitsu Whistle 200
Green Elk Calf Pet 200 Browntail Leomorph Cub Pet 200
Brown Lilyut Foal Pet 200 Sandmane Snowlion Cub Pet 200
Meadowlark Banjo 200 Cherry Blossom Shamisen 200
Ironsong Lute 200 Evensong Lute 200
Stormwail Sax 200 Reedwhisper Piccolo 200
Catspaw Recorder 200 Autumn Wind Horn 200

(Note: some items were not included due to being discontinued. They are still buyable, but return same amount of keys upon use)

Festival Coins

Festival Coins are gained from doing quests associated with festivals, seasonal events, and other types of events. They are not always present in the game as they come and go with associated events. All festivals use this universal coin, so if you missed your favorite one - you can buy the rewards you might have missed. The festival coin exchanger appears in the world with the festivals, but is always available on mirage isle.


Credits are purchased from using real-world money. These can be purchased on Kakao’s website.

Archeage: Unchained: The credit shop contains cosmetics (costumes). The items are bound, but giftable.

Archeage (Legacy): The credit shop contains a number of boosts, cosmetics, and items. Credits can also be acquired through the purchase of an in-game item “Apex” (through gold or barter with another player). Do not confuse this with the Fire Lunagem: Apex (unfortunately similar name).