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Parameter name Variable name Value
name name
id id 32982
description description Reinforced with spider silk to better guard against arachnid mandibles.
category category Cloth Armor
required level required level 0
item level item level 12
icon icon File:nu_m_gv_cloth232.png
buy price buy price 3620
sell price sell price 181
can sell can sell yes
stack size stack size 1
bind type binds on Binds on Pickup
on use on use
pickup limit pickup limit 0
buff name buff name
buff description buff description
can grade can grade yes
loot multi loot multi no
loot quest loot quest
honor price honor price 0
expiry duration expiry duration 0
expiry online duration expiry online duration 0
expiry date expiry date
requirement zone requirement zone
auction category a auction category a Armor
auction category b auction category b Cloth
auction category c auction category c Hands
level limit level limit 0
fixed grade fixed grade -1
can disenchant can disenchant yes
labor point price labor point price 0
requirement type requirement type
requirement attribute requirement attribute
requirement amount requirement amount 0
can upgrade can upgrade yes
gender required gender required 0
sell once sell once no
sell limit sell limit 0
icon male icon male File:
set id set id 227
set name set name Arach Cloth Armor
set items set items Data:Items/Arach Sleeves (32976),Data:Items/Arach Sash (32979),Data:Items/Arach Gloves (32982),Data:Items/Arach Shoes (32985),Data:Items/Arach Pants (32988),Data:Items/Arach Hood (32991),Data:Items/Arach Shirt (32994)
set bonus set bonus
stats stats Defense;15.84

Magic Defense;79.2 Intelligence;6.55776740326069 Spirit;4.37184493550713

can enchant can enchant yes
can repair can repair
durability durability 35
base equipment base equipment yes
charge buff charge buff
charge buff description charge buff description
charge duration charge duration 0
charge count charge count 0
melee dps dps 0
melee min minimum damage 0
melee max maximum damage 0
swing time swing time 0
slot type slot Hands
stat multiplier stat multiplier 0
bonus attack type bonus attack type
bonus attack strength bonus attack strength
grade sockets grade sockets 2;1

3;1 4;1 5;2 6;3 7;4 8;5 9;5 10;5 11;5

armor type armor type Cloth
craft link craft link
craft title craft title
doodad id doodad id 0
doodad name doodad name
climate id climate id 0
growth time growth time 0
min time min time 0
max time max time 0
mate id mate id 0
slave id slave id 0
pet name pet name
pet model id pet model id 0
pet portal id pet portal id 0
pet skills pet skills
pet stats pet stats

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