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Parameter name Variable name Value
name name
id id 23594
icon icon File:icon_skill_vocation28.png
description description Flings a dagger that deals [damage] damage to a single enemy,

then ricochets to 6 additional enemies within 10m of the initial target, dealing less damage each hit. Enemies hit: Decreases Attack and Move Speeds -40% for 3 seconds. Gives 2 stacks of Bloodthirst for each target hit with a maximum of 12 stacks.

visible visible yes
ability_category ability category Shadowplay
actability_group actability group
mana_cost mana cost 301
range_min range min 0
range_max range max 10
cast_time cast time 0
cooldown cooldown 35
ability_level ability level 55
ability_levels_per_rank ability levels per rank 3
ability_skill_point_cost ability skill point cost 1
damage_type damage type Physical
damage_multiplier damage multiplier 0
buff_duration buff duration 0
synergy_source_icons synergy source icons
synergy_dest_icons synergy dest icons
synergy_descriptions synergy descriptions
aoe_count aoe count
aoe_radius aoe radius
target_type target type
ignore_global_cooldown ignore global cooldown
has_range has range
is_harmful is harmful
is_helpful is helpful
rank_levels rank levels
rank_mana_costs rank mana costs
rank_cast_times rank cast time
avg_damage avg damage
rank_avg_damages rank avg damages
damage_mul damage mul
rank_damage_muls rank damage muls
avg_healing avg healing
rank_avg_healings rank avg healings
healing_mul healing mul
rank_healing_muls rank healing muls
avg_buff_damage avg buff damage
rank_avg_buff_damages rank avg buff damages
buff_damage_mul buff damage mul
rank_buff_damage_muls rank buff damage muls
avg_buff_healing avg buff healing
rank_avg_buff_healings rank avg buff healings
buff_healing_mul buff healing mul
rank_buff_healing_muls rank buff healing muls
avg_buff_mana_burn avg buff mana burn
rank_avg_buff_mana_burns rank avg buff mana burns
buff_mana_burn_mul buff mana burn mul
rank_buff_mana_burn_muls rank buff mana burn muls
avg_buff_mana_restore avg buff mana restore
rank_avg_buff_mana_restores rank avg buff mana restores

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