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Note: Before Defense was announced by Trion as the official English name of this skill set, it was referred to as Fortification or Protection by the ArcheAge community.



A warrior who chooses this path of development, will become a master of protection techniques.
Patron of these brave warriors is Shatagon, the god of abundance.

Defense is the tree for tanks and others who want to outlast their opponents. Those who use Defense are tough enough to take whatever the world would throw at them. This skillset includes the game's only taunt skills, health increases and recovery, and increased chance to block. In addition to blocking, some skills may not function without an equipped shield.



Name Defense Reqs Description* Cost* Cast Time* Cooldown* Range* Effects Combos
Shield Slam Shield Slam Level 1 Swings your shield at an enemy dealing (150% Melee Attack) Physical Damage and Stun for 1.5sec. 16 Mana Instant 18 Seconds Single 0-4m Effectstun EffectenergyshieldEffectsnaredEffectenervated
Refreshment Refreshment Level 3 Increases max health +386 for 30m. Works on caster. Increases Mettle as damage is received. 26 Mana Instant None Caster Only Effectbearform
Bull Rush Bull Rush Level 10 Shoves an enemy away with your shield, dealing (108 + 150% Melee Attack) Physical Damage and disabling magic skills for 3.5sec. Also interrupts enemy spellcasting. Increases Aggro +200% for 5 seconds. 49 Mana Instant 30 Seconds Single 0-4m Effectsilenced EffectstunEffectenergyshield
Boastful Roar Boastful Roar Level 15 Taunts an enemy: maxes your Aggro and causes the enemy to be Shaken for 7sec. Reduces the enemy's Move Speed -45% and Skill Damage -20%. The enemy also takes damage equal to 100% of your stacked Mettle. All stacked Mettle is consumed. 78 Mana Instant 24 Seconds Single 0-10m EffectmaxtauntEffectshaken Effectwillpower
Toughen Toughen Level 20 Restores +6 health every second, even during combat. Lasts 30m. Increases Mettle as damage is received. 49 Mana Instant None Caster Only Effectbearform
Revitalizing Cheer Revitalizing Cheer Level 25 Restores +293 health and an additional amount equal to 50% of your stacked Mettle. Consumes all stacked Mettle. 47 Mana Instant 45 Seconds Caster Only Effectwillpower
Redoubt Redoubt Level 30 Raises a shield around caster for 20sec. Increases Block Rate +25% and decreases Move Speed -10%. Prevents being Pushed or Knocked Down. 92 Mana Instant 60 Seconds Caster Only Effectredoubt Effectliberated
Ollo's Hammer Ollo's Hammer Level 35 Summons Ollo's hammer and hurls it at an enemy, Tripping them for 2.5sec. Also deals (245 + 250% Melee Attack) Physical Damage to all enemies within 3m of the target. 420 Mana Instant 42 Seconds Single 0-15m Effectslow
Mocking Howl Mocking Howl Level 40 Taunts all enemies within 7m to make them attack you for 4sec. Increases Aggro by the amount of stacked Mettle; consumes all stacks of Mettle. 118 Mana Instant 24 Seconds 7m PBAoE Effecttaunted EffectwillpowerEffecttaunted
Imprison Imprison Level 45 Imprisons all enemies within its boundaries for 20 seconds. Can break with a great deal of force. 328 Mana Instant 120 Seconds PBAoE
Invincibility Invincibility Level 50 Grants immunity to all damage for 12sec. Effect is canceled if you move. 433 Mana Channeled 120 Seconds Caster Only

*Base values of Rank 1 skills. Values scale off ability rank, equipped items, and character level.


Name Defense Reqs Description
Supplemental Block Supplemental Block Skill Points 2+ Increases Block Rate +15% for 5 seconds after a successful Block.
Shield Edge Shield Edge Skill Points 4+ Has a small chance to stun the enemy when blocking a melee attack. If Shield Edge is triggered too often, it will be disabled for 30 seconds.
File:Shield of Steel.png Shield of Steel Skill Points 6+ Increases Physical Defense +700.
Guardian Guardian Skill Points 7+ Permanently increases Aggro generation by 50%.
File:Spry Fortress.png Spry Fortress Skill Points 8+ Decreases Stun and Tripped durations -10%
Bear's Vigor Bear's Vigor Skill Points 9+ Increases max health +800. Increases the effectiveness of Refreshment +20% and Toughen +33%.
File:Ursine Roar.png Ursine Roar Skill Points 10+ Decreases Defense skill cooldown -20%.


Defense self-combos: EffectstunEffectbearform - if stunned Effecttripped (due to cooldowns some Defense combos need an additional class or multiple Defenders to 'self' combo.)

Class Defense combos into class Class combos into Defense Both classes have
Archery Effectstun EffectslowEffectsnared - if slowed Effectstun if slowed Effectstun
Auramancy EffectredoubtEffecttaunted EffectenergyshieldEffectwillpowerEffectliberated Effectshaken
Battlerage Effectshaken - if stunned Effecttripped EffectsnaredEffectslowEffecttaunted EffectshakenEffecttaunted - if stunned/snared/slowed Effecttripped
Occultism Effectstun Effectslow - if distressed Effectstun Effectsilenced - if distressed Effectstun
Shadowplay EffectstunEffectshaken - if stunned Effecttripped Effectstun Effectstun - if stunned/marked Effecttripped
Songcraft none Effectstun - if charmed Effectslow Effectstun
Sorcery none EffectslowEffectsnaredEffectstun Effectstun - if stunned Effecttripped
Vitalism none Effectsnared none
Witchcraft EffectstunEffectsilenced EffectsnaredEffectenervatedEffectstun Effectstun - if shackled Effectsilenced