Delphinad was once a large city on the continent of Auroria and called "the greatest city ever to exist". After the downfall of the continent in the wake of the events of The Expedition its status is unknown. The city was large enough that it was said to be home to "millions" of people of varying faiths and races.

The City was ruled over by a monarchy but the execution and writing of the law fell to gangs and factions within the city, each controlling different sectors not officially sanctioned by the ruling body of Delphinad. One of the better known factions was Almoram's Hand, which eventually became the Shadowhawks.

The largest known library in history existed there and attracted scholars and students far and wide. It was destroyed shortly before the fall of Auroria when Ollo, as Shatigon, attempted to gain access to it and inadvertently destroyed it when clashing with Inoch, as Haje. A magical copy of the Delphinad Library existed in the magical realm of Ayanad, and still exists on the Diamond Shores. The Library is emitting a curse that, if not stopped, could affect all of Erenor.

Delphinad is famously the city where the Library Expedition all met. Both Eanna and Lucius are thought to have been born there.