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Overview[edit | edit source]

Clockwise from top-left: Brown, Grey, Black, and White.

While considered one of the slowest mounts, a Donkey is invaluable to someone who often travels on trade routes as they have the fastest speed while carrying a trade pack. It can be obtained from the Blue Salt Brotherhoods trading quest chain for all races. They come in four colors. The next video shows the Trade Run (quest) you need to do to get your donkey. It also shows you how to raise it.

Donkey Quest + Raising your Donkey

You have to reach level 30, than go to Lilyut, speak to Blue Salt Brotherhood NPC and "Manager", than go to Halcyona to speak Blue salt NPC, than go back to Lilyut, than go to Dewstone community center! You will get donkey here and you will start 1st trade quest here.

Icon Speed Speed w/ Pack Lvl 50 Purchasable Shining Legguards Lvl 50 Purchasable Shining Legguards w/ Pack
Dash 7.2 m/s 4 m/s 7,56 4.2 m/s

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Icon Level Skill Effect
Dash 20 Guileless Dream Increases mount's Move Speed +30% for 60s. (You require a carrot each time you use this ability.)
Attack 25 Not a horse? Increases speed by 100% for 7s.