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Instances, or Dungeons, are parts of the game that are separate from the main game world. They are intended to offer a challenging experience for a small group of players. Because dungeons are instanced, each group or party of players enter a fresh copy of the dungeon. This makes it possible for the party to play the dungeon and reap the rewards without interference from other players.


Name Level Location Group Size
Hadir Farm 30-A55 Ynystere 5
Burnt Castle 30-A55 Cinderstone Moore 5
Howling Abyss 40-A55 Hellswamp 5
Kroloal Cradle* 45-A55 Rookborne Basin 5
Serpentis 50-A55 Exeloch 5
Greater Palace Cellar 50-A55 Mahadevi 3
Greater Sharpwind Mines 50-A55 Dewstone 3
Greater Hadir Farm 50-A55 Ynystere 5
Greater Burnt Castle 50-A55 Cinderstone Moore 5
Greater Kroloal Cradle 50-A55 Rookborne Basin 5
Greater Howling Abyss 50-AA5 Hellswamp 5
Sea of Drowned Love 50-A55 Sunspeck Sea 10
Ayanad Library 50-A55 Diamond Shores 5
Mistsong Summit 55-A55 Mistmerrow 5

* = In Korean version called Cradle of Destruction