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Overview[edit | edit source]

Instances, or Dungeons, are parts of the game that are separate from the main game world. They are intended to offer a challenging experience for a small group of players. Because dungeons are instanced, each group or party of players enter a fresh copy of the dungeon. This makes it possible for the party to play the dungeon and reap the rewards without interference from other players.

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Name Level Location Group Size
Hadir Farm 30-A55 Ynystere 5
Burnt Castle 30-A55 Cinderstone Moore 5
Howling Abyss 40-A55 Hellswamp 5
Kroloal Cradle* 45-A55 Rookborne Basin 5
Serpentis 50-A55 Exeloch 5
Greater Palace Cellar 50-A55 Mahadevi 3
Greater Sharpwind Mines 50-A55 Dewstone 3
Greater Hadir Farm 50-A55 Ynystere 5
Greater Burnt Castle 50-A55 Cinderstone Moore 5
Greater Kroloal Cradle 50-A55 Rookborne Basin 5
Greater Howling Abyss 50-AA5 Hellswamp 5
Sea of Drowned Love 50-A55 Sunspeck Sea 10
Ayanad Library 50-A55 Diamond Shores 5
Mistsong Summit 55-A55 Mistmerrow 5

* = In Korean version called Cradle of Destruction

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