ArcheAge has a player-driven (If you are a Patron) economy.

Patron-driven Economy Edit

Gatherers, crafters, and traders: You are the engine that drives ArcheAge (If you are a Patron), and its economy is yours to control(If you are a Patron). Master diverse skills to craft goods and homes, galleons and castles (If you are a Patron). Transport and trade materials across the realm, braving danger and piracy to support your allies in wars that will change the fate of the world.

Creating GoodsEdit

Every non-combat skill in ArcheAge to gather, craft etc is part of a proficiency that uses Labor Points(Which is viable only if you are a Patron).


Items in ArcheAge can be traded between players through the Auction House, direct trade (right click a player) or the Mailbox. Trade can be a full profession in ArcheAge with the proficiency of Commerce where player can craft Trade Packs to do Trade Runs and sell these to Gold Trader or Gilda Trader npc.

Moving goods can be done on feet, sped up by mounts or vehicles or ships or teleportation (the latter with some restrictions). But beware of Pirates or other kinds of robbery! While there is a player driven justice system with courts and prison, this can only step in after the fact ...

Traveling is much safer in a group or Caravan.


Items can be stored in the personal inventory or with the Warehouse Manager (a bankbox basically) which storage space can be expanded by Expansion Scrolls. Houses and ships offer storage space too. Items can be dropped on the ground in areas that are protected from pilfering by buildings or structures lke Scarecrows - but they will only remain there for a limited time before disappearing.