The blood of life is honor, and the blood of death the same.

Elves seclude themselves deep in the forest, avoiding other races as much as possible. Though envied for their beauty, their behavior is considered incomprehensible: hoping for an honorable death, they seek out danger no matter the odds.

The Elves have a long standing conflict and mostly hateful relationship with the Nuian, with which they share the western continent Nuia. This conflict originates in the long term effects of The Expedition after which both races were forced to flee Auroria and ended up in Nuia. The human participant of the expedition, Gene Evernight, became Kyrios, the God of Destruction, while the Elven member and former friend of Gene, Aranzeb, became the Elven king and fought against Kyrios, lost and died. Aranzeb's Death triggered centuries of Elven loathing against the Nuian and preparation for a final battle against their human foes that eliminated nearly any previously existing Elven culture.

Racial SkillsEdit

Conditioning for the rigors and strains of combat has given Elves the ability to hold their breath underwater for extended periods:

Deep Breath

Underwater breathing time is increased by 20 seconds.

Spending decades near Gweonid Lake makes most Elves talented swimmers with increased speed:

Supple Flow

Your swimming speed is increased by 5%.


Elf race


The faction Mount of Elves is the Elk.


Storyline quests for Elves: