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With update 6.2(?) this system was introduced to allow people to change their faction for 2 months, then they get the option to return.

Changing factions[]

There are a few requirements that have to be met first:

  • Section 5 of the chapter "Unending Battle" has to be completed (Quest: A Secret in Sun's End)
  • The faction the player wants to transfer to has to be considered weaker by the game
  • Not be a faction hero
  • Need 10k (10000)+ Gearscore and at least 100 previous leadership, and a proficiency of 10k (10000) in the other faction language if the transfer is to one of the major factions (Nuia/Haranya)

Changing the faction triggers a cooldown period during which one can't transfer again for 2 months.

To change the faction, if the requirements are met, you need to find an NPC that gives you a guiding quest through the process.

NPCs are located as follows:

Name Location From To
Healer (Playing Bard) Marianople Nuia Pirate
Berr Marianople Nuia Haranya
Jjami Austera Haranya Pirate
Disguised Boram Austera Haranya Nuia
Ryuchul Growlgate Isle Pirate Haranya
Joshua Growlgate Isle Pirate Nuia

Returning to your faction[]

After 2 months you get the option to return to your old faction, or to prolong your exile.

Innate Pirates[]

Those pirates that didn't join the faction with the exile system, but became pirates with crime points are inherently different to those that exiled.

When the exile system was introduced, these innates pirates became part of the pirate faction. I.E. they aren't exiles in the pirate faction, that may return after the 2 months, but rather as if they started there (Like Nuians are part of Nuia). Since the pirate faction is, by design, nearly always weaker than the other 2 factions, these innate pirates can't use the exile quests to exile to either faction.

The only way for them to return is to wait 30 days without logging in, then they will be forced out of the innate pirate faction, back to their original faction, at which point they can use the exile system like intended again.