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Eznan Cutter is the westerns version of the Galleon.

It comes armed with 8 Multipurpose Cannon, a Medium Compass which reveals ships in the immediate area of the ship, 4 Trade Pack Storage slots allowing it to carry 4 additional trade packs making it an alternative way to complete trade runs, 6 Temporary Underwater Breathing Device which can be equipped to breath underwater for 10 minutes. A Plank is located on both sides of the ship, allowing for better shore access, or helping to board smaller ships, such as Merchant Schooner.

Galleons move North to South at a base rate of 10.2 ms / second and East to West at 7.1ms / second. This makes it much slower than the Clipper. However, with the Galleons ability to Charge for 2 minutes, it increases max move speed by 40% allowing it to move 14.2 ms / second North to South. With Eco Fuel Boost + Charge ability active at the same time, it can move up to 16.7 ms / second North to South making it temporarily the fastest moving ship in the game.

This ship has a very low turn rate, making it difficult to maneuver.

Building[edit | edit source]

The plans of the Eznan Cutter can be obtained on Mirage Isle for 500 Gilda Star or Auction Hause for gold. In order to place the Eznan Cutter drydock, you must have 15g and Small Warpship Materials on your back.

Small Warship Materials can be made of 300x 

Icon item 0041.png

Lumber, 25x 

Charcoal Stabilizer, 45x 

Icon item 1757.pngItem grade 1common.png

Rock Salt Stabilizer, 30x 

Crystal Stabilizer, 3x 

Dragon Essence Stabilizer and 15x 

Blue Salt Wedge (Might be outdated) at Shipyard Workbench Tradepacks required during construction process are: 5x 

Icon item 0382.pngItem grade 1common.png

Iron Pack, 5x 

Icon item 0380.pngItem grade 1common.png

Lumber Pack and 5x 

Icon unknown item.png

Fabric Pack.

Material Summary[edit | edit source]

Grand Total of all required materials boils down to:

Drydock placement tips[edit | edit source]

Before placing your drydock you must consider several factors. First of all, it is protected for 3 days after placement, giving you plenty of time for construction. It is generally a good idea, however, to have all the materials ready, before beginning the process. After the 3 days of protection end, other players can attack and destroy your dock, which does not return your materials in case they succeed. Another thing to note, is that, while you can swim with tradepacks, it is easier to place the dock in parallel/perpendicularly to a shore or pier and close enough (with the water still being deep enough) to allow you to walk or jump onto it. You will also need to choose a spot that lies in proximity of Sawmill station, Smelter and Weaving Loom. Otherwise, you will need to walk a long way with tradepacks.

Construction[edit | edit source]

After placing the drydock, there are 6 stages to completing the ship. They must be completed in correct order, or materials won't be accepted. Each of them begins by delivering a set amount of materials, and then applying them for a set amount of labor (usually around 75). The stages, in order, require the following materials:

  1. 2x 
    Icon item 0380.pngItem grade 1common.png
    Lumber Pack
  2. 3x 
    Icon item 0380.pngItem grade 1common.png
    Lumber Pack
  3. 1x 
    Icon unknown item.png
    Fabric Pack
  4. 2x 
    Icon unknown item.png
    Fabric Pack
  5. 2x 
    Icon unknown item.png
    Fabric Pack
  6. 3x 
    Icon item 0382.pngItem grade 1common.png
    Iron Pack
  7. 2x 
    Icon item 0382.pngItem grade 1common.png
    Iron Pack

After finishing and applying the last stage, you need to interact with the dock one more time, causing the ramp to drop and launching your ship. It might take a while for the game to process everything, so you might be left with nothing for a short while, before your ship renders.

After successful launch, a summoning scroll will be placed in your inventory - activate it to summon or dismiss.

Renaming the ship[edit | edit source]

Target your ship, right click on it's health bar, situated on the middle-top of your screen, and choose Rename

Repairing[edit | edit source]

Should a ship get destroyed, it can be restored using Handful of Shatigon's Sand in unknown quantity. This item can be purchased from General Merchants for 1g