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Where/When do I get my first mount?[edit | edit source]

This depends on your race, but should be between level 5 and 10 and you'll find a stable that sell starting mounts as you follow the path laid out by your quests. You get a free mount to start with.

Harani start with a Leomorph which are found just passed Parchsun Settlement (Arcum Iris).
Firran start with a Snowlion which are near Cloudgram (Falcorth Plains)
At level 6, Nuians can complete the Animal Care quest chain, which awards a Horse.
Elf start with an Elk which are northeast of Gweonid Lake.

If you don't like the mounts that you start with any stable hand will sell you a Yata for 5 gold or you could travel to the location where other races starting mounts are sold and buy that races starting mount for 5 silver.

Where/When do I get a farm?[edit | edit source]

One of the very first quests given to you by the Blue Salt Brotherhood will reward a Small Scarecrow Farm, which is large enough to complete most of the Blue Salt quests, but is somewhat small for mass production or goods. If you continue doing the trade Route quests for the Blue Salt you will receive a Large Scarecrow Farm, which is four times the size of the small farm, as a reward for the fourth trade route quest, but it requires a Lumber Pack, which is made from 100 lumber (300 logs), to construct. Eventually you can build a Farmhouse, which is a small house surrounded by some farming space which is slightly more than that available on a large farm.

Where/When do I get a Donkey?[edit | edit source]

Donkeys are the fastest mount while carry a trade pack, so they are quite helpful for trade runs. You receive a Donkey as a reward for completing the second trade route quest. They are also sold on Mirage Island.

Where/When do I get the first glider?[edit | edit source]

At around level 12 there is a quest that rewards an Experimental Glider. For the Harani Faction the quest is in Ironclaw Mine (Tiger Mountains). Upgrades are done by purchasing the relevant schematic on Mirage Isle. The Experimental Glider can be upgraded to an Improved Glider for 25 silver, then an Enhanced Glider for 50 silver at level 15, and finally an Ultimate Glider for 1 gold at level 20.

Where and what level is the first dungeon?[edit | edit source]

At level 30, players will have access to Hadir Farm, located in Ynystere. The location can be accessed quickly thanks to the dungeon tab in the Teleport Book. The maximum party size for the dungeon is five players, and has five dungeon entries each day. Players can also access the dungeon on Nuia this way.
At level 30, players will have access to Burnt Castle Armory, located in Cinderstone Moor. The location can be accessed quickly thanks to the dungeon tab in the Teleport Book. The maximum party size for the dungeon is five players, and has five dungeon entries each day. Players can also access the dungeon on Haranya this way.

Where do I get a Star Chart to craft a sextant?[edit | edit source]

Star charts are sold by General Merchants for 1Gold.

Where do I get the Milk for my battle pet cub?[edit | edit source]

There are cows that give the milk next to the NPC who gave you the battle pet at Jaun's Ranch (Villanelle, near the border with Mahadevi), or in Dawnsliver outside of Marianople.
(As of the Revelation update, the Battle Pet Formula has been replaced by feeding your battle pet a Vita Root, just like other mounts.)

Where/How can I level quickly?[edit | edit source]

There really is no way to cheat the game and level up extremely fast, No matter what you are going to have to put in some time. Some of the fastest ways that I have found though include:

Crafting Hereafter Stones
Crafting Hereafter stones gives a Large amount of experience but is limited to how much labor you have.
- 3 Stone Bricks
- 1 Blue Salt Wedge
- 50 Labor
Where can I craft these?
You can craft these at any Stone Mason Workbench, Look for them on your map by pressing 'M'.

Overachieving on Quests
When you receive a quest that asks you to kill 8/8 of some mob, When you complete it, It will say "8/8(Complete)".
What you should do is continue to kill those mobs until it says that you have 14/8(Overachieve).
In doing this you will be receiving approximately 130% of the Normal Quest Experience when you hand it in.

What do I do my pre-3.0 items that are no longer used?[edit | edit source]

The 3.0 update made a number of changes to materials needed for crafting. Many are no longer usable, and can be sold to NPCs. Other, more specific items can be exchanged at Mirage Isle. The following is a list of these items:

  • Apprentice's Certificate - Sell to an NPC for Gold
  • Artificer's Certificate - Sell to an NPC for Gold