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In addition to traditional guilds, ArcheAge also features a Family System. In many ways, a Family is similar to a Guild, but designed for smaller groups of players ranging from 2 to 12 people. The family system runs parallel to the guild system, meaning you can be in both a family, and a guild. Families can be cross-faction, allowing people in the Nuia and Haranya factions to use each other's property and chat channels.

  • Family members may share property rights, giving members full access to houses and farms.
  • Families have their own chat channel.
  • Families also gain a buff depending on their level (from 1 to 3).
  • There is a one day waiting period when leaving/being kicked/disbanding a family and joining a new one

Creating a Family[]

To create a family, a player just has to access the community icon on the bottom right and select "Social". Once you have done this, switch the tab to "Family". Enter the player's name, and title. By title I mean, for example, "Name: Fireball90. Title: Brother. You must make sure the User is not already in a family, or the invite will not go through. You must also make sure the User is online." .

When creating a family, the founder may give it a name, as well as set roles and titles for invited members.

Another perk, is that if the family is made via inviting the first member of the family via chat, the family will be named after the creator of the family.'

Family Quests[]

There are also Family Quests that members in a family can do together to earn Vocation Badges, some gold and EXP for their Family.

  • The community center delivery quest requires a member to go to their Blue Salt hub on their continent, and deliver a special trade pack (that cannot be sold) to a different community center (on the same continent). Location changes every day.
  • The family quest requires three family members to be present and online at the same time to complete a goal. Although it is easier for three players to do these quests, some people can use multiple accounts and tab between the instances of the game.
  • The community center supply quest can be picked up at a Community Center. The quest must be turned on before you turn it in to receive credit. The supplies needed depend on the community center.