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ArcheAge - Farming, Logging and Animal Husbandry

ArcheAge - Farming, Logging and Animal Husbandry

A General Overview about the Farming mechanics of Archeage.

Farming is part of the Proficiency system of ArcheAge. It is done in the wilderness, at public farms/nurseries/gardens and at Private Farms.

Proficiency Edit

The Proficiency system is an alternate specialization skill tree separate from the combat skill trees. These skills allow the character to increase their skill, or proficiency, at one of the 22 crafting/ gathering skill sets.

Public Farming Edit

Solis Headlands Nursery

Solis Headlands Nursery

Public Farming refers to the authorized use of one of the Public Farm lots to grow crops, trees, or cattle.

These lots limit how much of an item can be placed on the lot by that character, what types of items can be placed, and for how long the items will remain protected from other players.

Private Farming Edit

Private Farming refers to the use of personal land to grow crops, trees, and cattle. When a character owns land, they can place as much of an item(s) as they wish as long as it fits within the boundary of the lot. The player can still plant outside of the lot, but the item will not be protected if it is not within the border of their lot.

Illegal Farming Edit

Illegal Farming refers to the use of game world land to plant crops, trees, and cattle. For a period of time, the item will belong to the character that placed it, showing their name as the owner on the tool tip, but remains open for any other player that comes along. During the period the item is owned by the planting character, any interactions by other characters will cause them to gain Criminal Points. Stealing from the item is Larceny, and considered by some to be the most heinous of crimes in the game.

After the ownership period ends, the item is considered Public, meaning anyone can interact with the item at no risk of committing a crime. Essentially, the item turns into a game world object and the planting character loses the ownership rights to the item.

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