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Icon skill magic01.png
Skillset: Sorcery
Req. Skillset Level: 1
Cast Time: 1 secs
Cooldown: 0
Range: 0-20 m
Damage Type: Magic
Damage Multiplier: 0
Buff Duration: 0

Deals (209% Magic Attack) Magic Damage to an enemy.
Can be used up to 3 times in a row without triggering a cooldown.
Attack 1: Inflicts Burning for 3.22s.
Attack 3: Converts 20% of damage dealt to Subdued enemies to mana; inflicts Conflagration on Burning enemies.
All 3 attacks deal +12% additional damage on Chilled targets.
Fast skill; no cooldown. Hold down for continuous use.

In game description

Combos[edit | edit source]

Effectchilled.png Inflicts additional +12% damage on Chilled targets.

BurningStatus change.svgConflagration Inflicts Conflagration on Burning targets.

Enervated Returns 20% of damage dealt to Enervated targets as Mana.

Rank[edit | edit source]

Rank Level Mana Damage Consecutive Uses Burning Duration Damage to Mana Chilled Damage
1 1 16 0 + 229% Magic Attack 3 times 3.2 sec 20% +12%