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Overview[edit | edit source]

Controls[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge uses the standard tab-target control set up found in most modern MMOs. Below you will find a full list of these controls.

You can change most of these controls by configuring them in the settings tab.

Movement Camera Hotbars Inventory Targeting Chat Character Info Display Sound
Key Action Key Action Key Action Key Action Key Action Key Action Key Action Key Action Key Action
Num Lock Auto Run Insert Front View I Open Inventory Tab Target a mob or hostile target / or Enter Open Chat Window C View Character Info Alt+Enter Toggle Screen Mode
W Move Forward Home Left View Shift+Left Click Change Stack Size Ctrl+V Toggle Name Display Setting
A Turn Left Delete Right View Ctrl+Right Click See Recent Auction Prices
S Move Backward End Back View
D Turn Right PgUp Rotate CCW
Q Strafe Left PgDn Rotate CW
E Strafe Right Mouse Wheel Up Zoom In
Space Jump Mouse Wheel Down Zoom Out

Macros[edit | edit source]

Macros are generally not allowed in ArcheAge. You can only set one skill or command to a macro key.