Gilda Star

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Gilda Star

Binds on Pickup

An ancient coin made of pure gold and minted in Auroria centuries ago. They are the rarest and most valuable coins still in circulation, and can purchase the most important quality goods, such as house and workbench designs sold on Mirage Isle.

Buy Price: Gold

Max. Stack Size: 1000

Cannot Sell

Gilda Stars are a type of currency that is mainly used to buy blueprints for houses, ships, furniture, mounts, and various vehicles on Mirage Island. They are also known as Delphinade Coins or Delphi Coins on other servers.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Leveling and completing the main story quest and the Priests of Nui quests will reward approximately 75 Gilda Star.
  • Some daily quests reward Gilda Stars.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Solar Scarecrow Farm Kit 300 Gilda Star
Full Kit: Lunar Scarecrow Garden 150 Gilda Star
Midnight Swept-Roof Mansion Design 1000 Gilda Star
Stone Spring Mansion Design 1000 Gilda Star
Stone Slate Mansion Design 1000 Gilda Star
Stone Rose Mansion Design 1000 Gilda Star
Spired Chateau Design 3000 Gilda Star
Thatched Farmhouse Design 300 Gilda Star
Aquafarm Design 20 Gilda Star
Seawhip Speedboat Design 1200 Gilda Star
Wheeled Mortar Design 300 Gilda Star
Farm Wagon Design 50 Gilda Star
Comet Speedster Design 800 Gilda Star
Apex Squall Design 800 Gilda Star
Timber Coupe Design 1500 Gilda Star
Eznan Cutter Design 500 Gilda Star
Lutesong Junk Design 500 Gilda Star
Harpoon Clipper Design 50 Gilda Star
Adventurer's Clipper Design 50 Gilda Star
Fish-Find Longliner Design 250 Gilda Star
Merchant Schooner Design 400 Gilda Star
Black Arrow 500 Gilda Star
Melee Basic Costume 200 Gilda Star
Ranged Basic Costume 200 Gilda Star
Magic Basic Costume 200 Gilda Star
Healing Basic Costume 200 Gilda Star

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