Goat Kid

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Goat Kid

Releases a goat kid. Grows faster in suitable climates.

Feed mature goats to periodically collect Goat Wool.

Vocation: Husbandry
Matures in 1 d 10 h
Shear every 10 h
Fodder: Combined Feed
Climate: Temperate
Acquire from Livestock Merchants

If placed outside protected land, it will eventually become public property.


Costs 10 Labor to place outside of protected land (public or private).

Buy Price: Gold 50 Silver

Shop Value: 75 Silver

Max. Stack Size: 1

Goats are livestock that while matured can be either butchered for

Icon unknown item.png

Goat Meat or sheared for


Goat Wool. Every 7H (temperate climate) they can be fed Combined Feed which allows them to be sheared for 8-9x 

Goat Wool. Occasionally Broken Goat Horn can be obtained while shearing. As with any livestock, they can occasionally become sick requiring Livestock Supplement to be healed.