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Goat Pen

Creates a Goat Pen suitable for any climate.
If placed outside protected land, it will eventually become public property.
Produces a large quantity of Goat Wool that can be collected in a single action.

Vocation: Husbandry
Matures in 12 h
Shear every 6 h

Repair cracked pens with Lumber.
Treat diseased pens with Livestock Supplements.
Collapsed pens can no longer be used.

Acquire from a Farmer's Workstation


Costs 10 Labor to place outside of protected land (public or private).

Buy Price: Silver

Shop Value: Silver

Max. Stack Size: 1

A Goat Pen is a craftable Livestock pen under the Husbandry vocation.

Crafting Requirements[]

Crafting a Goat Pen requires a Farmer's Workstation and at least 40,000 Husbandry skill. It is located under Husbandry > Animal Pen in the Farmer's Workstation menu.

The required materials are:


All livestock must be fed before being harvested.

  • 3 labor points & 3x 
    Icon unknown item
    Combined Feed to feed.
  • 100 labor points to harvest.


Other Notes[]

  • 4 can be fit on a 16x16 farm.
  • Sometimes will start to collapse; repair with 2x 
    Icon unknown item
    Lumber and 5 labor points.
  • Small plants can be planted in between (around 30) to maximize farm usage.
  • Does not have a chance to yield a
    Icon unknown item
    Broken Goat Horn.