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The Gods, are the members of the Library Expedition, and those who had accepted a soul fragment of Thiol.

The soul fragments were of the initial gods that were worshiped by the Pantheon in Delphinad back before the Expedition caused the downfall of Auroria:

  • Adalnus - God of Vengeance
  • Akrites - God of Victory
  • Anil - God of Art
  • Dahuta - Goddess of the Sea & Change
  • Enla - Goddess of Summer
  • Haje - God of Seals & Doors
  • Kyrios - God of Destruction
  • Nebe - God of Winter
  • Nuil - Goddess of the Underworld/Hell
  • Ranshisha - Goddess of Contact
  • Shatigon - God of Fertility & Iron Walls
  • ? - God of Wind
  • Stella - God of Scavenger

The members of the Expedition received only some soul fragments of the initial gods:

Classes in the game are dedicated to these members and the skills they had or acquired from the soul fragments.