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The Grimghast Rift is an event that opens in Ynystere and Cinderstone Moor. It is similar to the Crimson Rift, but has more work involved. The mobs require you to shoot a harpoon gun at them to destroy them. The harpoons guns can only be used if the trebuchet is built.

The Grimghast Rift starts at 00:00 game time, and ends whenever all mobs are killed.

To start the quest, the rift must be open. You must then go to the Blue Salt Brotherhood Bulletin Board to see which material you need to bring. The material could be:

  • 10 Stone Bricks
  • 10 Lumber
  • 10 Leather

Then deliver that to a Quartermaster NPC in the region, you will get another quest.

After some time, trading packs spawn, that need to be delivered near the rift, to construct the aforementioned trebuchet. If a player has delivered and injected 2 packs, they are able to take a harpoon to take on the mobs.

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