This is one of the ships a player can own in ArcheAge.  It's simple to obtain and is the least expensive ship that is practical for doing trading across the ocean.

This version of the clipper is equipped with a large front mounted harpoon.  Once fired and hooked, it can be used to catch a ship and drag it toward yours.  It may even drag the whole clipper out of the water, under water, or over land.

The clipper is relatively small, fast, and maneuverable.  The clipper also comes with two underwater breathing apparatus, a side mounted cannon, and a portable harpoon.

Ship Properties/Equipment

  • Speed: 11.1 m/s
  • Hitpoints: 7000


It is recommended to have all required materials before beginning construction.  Materials:

The building is done in two steps.  Dock placement and ship construction.  Choose wisely where you would like to place your construction dock. Being near crafting stations is helpful when converting your resources into packs for transportation to the construction site.  When you have the required materials, you can build the construction dock with:

Ship construction:  Now create your trade packs to transport the materials to build your boat.  You can only carry one trade pack at a time (unless you happen to have a cart, wagon, or friends to help you).  Crafting each trade pack requires 25 Labor.  If you are an eager beaver, you can bring a pack with you, as you place your construction dock.  However be aware, the pack will cause you to move slower and restrict your modes of transportation.  Now apply the following materials to the dock to construct your ship.  Using each pack at the construction drydock requires 25 Labor.  The required
order is Lumber, Iron, then Fabric.

Machining is the final three steps (25 Labor each, no materials) to complete your ship!  The new ship will appear in your bag.  Like your mounts, your ship can be deployed and despawned.

Other Versions

Another version of the ship is the Adventure Clipper, which features a side canon in favor of the harpoon.

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