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The smallest and fastest of the big ships. Designed to carry a few people at speed. No space to store or transport trade packs (although I don't think it'll complain if you or your passengers are wearing one).


Plans cost 50 Gilda Star on Mirage Island or can be bought on the Auction House for gold.


Materials for construction are 150 labor, 1 Clipper Materials, 1 Lumber Pack, 1 Iron Pack, and 1 Fabric Pack.

As of version 3.0 the total of all materials required is 200 Lumber, 100 Iron, and 100 Fabric.

To make the Clipper Materials and Lumber Pack you need 100 Lumber for each.

Clipper materials require 50 labor and can be made at shipyard workbench

Lumber pack requires 25 labor at a sawmill bench

In order to process all the required wood yourself, you require 600 logs and 1000 labor.

To make an iron pack you need 100 iron ingots, which you can make for 25 labor in a smelter from 300 iron ore and 500 labor.

To make a fabric pack you need 100 fabric which you can make for 25 labor at a loom from 300 Wool or 1000 Cotton and 500 labor.

Farming, gathering or mining the raw materials takes a while. If you are a patron try buying the raw materials through the Auction House. If you are not a patron, you're going to have to buy the refined materials on the auction house, as saving up the 2000 labor to process them yourself is virtually impossible. (The prices of those materials usually oscillate around 20 gold for 100 lumber, 6 gold for 100 iron ore and 10 gold for 100 fabric)

Do not make up the packs at this point or buy packs from the auction market (unless you have somewhere secure to store them).


Activate the design to place the dry dock. You'll need your Clipper Materials, 30 gold, and 25 labor with you.

Placement needs to be in fairly deep water near a crafting site with a smelter, a saw bench, loom and a shipyard workbench.

If it doesn't want to place, try rotating it to run parallel to the shore (click once, then mouse wheel to rotate).

Once placed the dry dock is protected for 12 hours. If your ship isn't complete by then, the dry dock can be attacked and destroyed - and you loose everything you've put into it.

Ensure you have ALL your construction materials (200 lumber, 100 iron ingots, 100 fabric, 10 gold and 250 labor) before you place the dry dock.

Surprisingly enough you can swim out to the dry dock carrying a trade pack - even an iron one.


This happens after placement.

  1. Make up your lumber pack, carry it out to the dry dock and spend 25 labor applying it.
  2. Make up your iron pack, carry it out to the dry dock and spend 25 labor applying it.
  3. Make up you fabric pack, carry it out to the dry dock and spend 25 labor applying it.
  4. Spend another 75 labor (in three phases) to complete the ship.

To launch the completed vessel you need to activate the dry dock a final time. The ramp will drop, there will be fireworks and the ship will slide down into the water. A few seconds later the dry dock will disappear, leaving you only with your completed vessel.

Climb aboard (ramps on either side at the stern, you gotta jump at the top), take the helm and take her for a spin.

Tidying up[]

You'll have a summoning scroll for the ship in your bag - activate to summons or dismiss. Apparently this can also be used with a few handfuls of Shatigon's sand to repair her if she gets destroyed. You might want to drag it onto your skill bar.

Rename the ship by targeting it and right clicking the health bar, then selecting rename.