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This page contains the basic information about the style the ArcheAge Wiki is using.

Currency[edit source]

Within ArcheAge there are several currencies. To list those consistently a couple of templates are available.

Gold/Silver/Copper[edit source]

Listing the most common currency is done with the {{coin}} template. The template supports two display modes: Short and long. The short display modes hides a coin if it uses 0 of it. Example: {{coin|500}} results in Silver. If we set the "long" value to "yes" then {{coin|500|yes}} results in 5 Silver0 Copper. Using the long layout is strongly advised in sortable tables.

Vocation Badges[edit source]

The Vocation Badges have a similar template, {{vocation badge}} but only has one display mode. It is used like: {{vocation badge|5000}} results in 5000Vocation Badges.

Gilda Stars[edit source]

The {{gilda star}} template is exactly the same as the Vocation Badge template. It is used like: {{gilda star|500}} results in 500 Gilda Star.

Credits[edit source]

Credits also have a currency template: {{credit}}. It is used like: {{credit|895}} results in 895 Credit

Items[edit source]

This section will cover the most common usages of items within the wiki.

Amounts[edit source]

To consistently display item amounts the {{item amount}} template has been made. Use that template to show drop amounts, reagent amounts, etc.

Item Page[edit source]

Taking a screenshot of the item and posting it on the item page is not advised. The wiki has a "Data page" extension on which data-dumps of the game will be applied. These data pages are accessed by using the {{item infobox}} template. If an item doesn't have a corresponding data page then the {{item infobox}} template can be filled out like a normal template. If the data in the Data namespace is out of date then please ask the Wiki Manager, Sigil Baram (talk), to have the data re-imported. If there is a case were the data dump results in an incorrect value, then the data can be overridden by adding "force" in front of the parameter, such as "force buy price", though use of this functionality should be avoided in favor of having any such errors corrected, since forced parameters will only update when manually edited (or removed) by a user, even if the data dump has since been corrected.

Linking Items[edit source]

Linking items can be done in two ways. The simple way is without an icon which just looks like [[item name]]. For example: [[Gilda Star]] results in Gilda Star. If you want an alternative name you can use [[item name|text to be displayed]] so for example: [[Gilda Star|Gilda Stars]] results in Gilda Stars.

The second form is with in icon. To display items with icons consistently the template {{item icon}} has been made. The template has several options and to view those see Template:Item_icon. The basic usage is: {{item icon|Whirlwind Pet Helm}} results in

Icon unknown item.png

Whirlwind Pet Helm. The item icon template also relies on the Item Data pages to obtain the image. Fill in the item infobox icon field to make sure the template can find the correct icon.

Crafting[edit source]

For crafting items the template {{craft infobox}}. For information about how to use the crafting infobox see Template:Craft infobox.

Miscellaneous formatting[edit source]

Linking to templates[edit source]

The template {{tl}} can be used to create formatted links to templates, like the link to Template:tl earlier in this sentence. The code for {{tl}} is {{tl|item infobox}} which results in {{item infobox}}.