Exploring ArcheAge This New House

Exploring ArcheAge This New House

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Houses and farms can be privately owned and are build into the open world rather than instanced as in other MMO games.

Currently in the Western version only people with Patron status can place or own a house. As of December 2014 there is barely any land left for claiming in the Western version so if you don't have a guild that shares their land with you - better check first if your server has land before getting your hopes up! People without Patron can still use other players houses and farms if permissions are set accordingly. Houses must be placed on flat land. There are predefined zones for what type of structure or house can be placed there and what size it can be:

Obtaining a HouseEdit

A player must have Patron status and deposit two weeks worth of Tax Certificates to place a house. Designs for Houses are available from the Mirage Island shops (usually for Gilda Stars) and the auction house for game currency. Mouse over the plan will give detail on the taxing costs and required resources.

The design is then placed in a housing zone. The house first appears as a construction frame until the resources have been delivered and applied to the construction frame.


To place and maintain a house taxes have to be paid weekly to the land owner (the faction of the continent in the south or on the Northern continent the player who owns the land) by the ingame mail system. Different structures have different tax prices. Taxes are paid through Tax Certificates and only Patrons can pay taxes. That means if your Patron status lapses, you lose the ability to pay the necessary tax for your house.

If you have defaulted for two weeks on your tax payment, your house is demolished and the plan send back to you by mail. You can rebuild the house again but your land might have been taken by another player. Everything else you owned is either send to you by mail or actually deleted from the game. Make sure you are aware of what your losses can be to avoid disappointment.

Player with Patron status receive every day upon the first login five Loyalty Tokens. In the Loyalty shop ingame the token can be used to buy items including (at the time of closed beta) 20 Tax Certificates for 15 Loyalty Token. Otherwise Tax Certificates can be crafted with a Scarecrow using up Labor Points.

The price one has to pay in taxes depends on the structures on places and the number of structures one places. After 3 structures the tax prices go up.

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