Husbandry is a proficiency in ArcheAge that deals with raising, breeding, caring/maintaining and slaughtering lifestock. Husbandry is used to breed mounts as well. Husbandry can be used on animals

  • wild or owned in the wilderness (if one interacts with an animals owned by someone else one gains crime points and leaves footprints)
  • owned and placed in an area protected by a housing structure (own housing structure or owned by someone who gave one permission) - that means a Private Farm.
  • public ranch or public farm (only animals one owns or placed by someone that gave one permission or animals that have lost ownership)

Animal ConditionEdit

An animal can be in several conditions that change over time or upon interaction with the animal. The better the animal condition the more meat it will give. Besides Meat animals can yield other products like Fur or Eggs, these are only available from animals in thriving condition.

  • Regular Condition
  • Thriving Condition
  • Sick Condition
  • Recovering Condition
  • Hungry Condition

Breeding AnimalsEdit

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