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ArcheAge is a free-to-play massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) that is advertised as an open-world sandbox. It was developed by XLGames and formerly published internationally by Trion Worlds before their acquisition and dissolution by Gamigo. Today, ArcheAge is internationally published by XLGames’ parent company, Kakao Games.

ArcheAge offers players a vast world to explore and conquer. The game does not have linear patterns of gameplay common among other MMOs. In the sandbox open-world of Erenor, players can choose to master combat by mixing any 3 of 14 skillsets, build elegant homes or massive castles, rear plants and livestock, master crafting in any or all 21 Proficiencies, influence the economy through advanced trade and commerce systems, or participate in any number of PvP or PvE activities which take place daily. In the everlasting faction war of ArcheAge, many of these activities can play a significant role in determining the balance of power in the game.

ArcheAge places a significant focus on open-world PvP. Players may band together and fight in massive open world battles, both on land and at sea. Players may even choose to abandon their initial faction and become a pirate.


Although the game is free to play, many players choose to become patrons, paying roughly US$15 a month for extended privileges within the world:

  • Land Ownership - Patrons are able to claim personal land by placing a building or farm in any of the dozens of massive Player Housing Areas throughout the world, including tropical water-dwelling beach bungalos and opulent mansions. Personal land has many benefits, including reduced Labor costs for farming and protection from agricultural theft, access to higher grade crafting stations, personal storage, and more. Players may decorate their homes and land with any of innumerable decorations and furniture and may even upload their own UCC (User Created Content) to use on certain objects, such as paintings.
  • Full Use of the Auction House
  • Extra Labor Generation - Patrons earn +15 Labor per Minute, even while offline!

Patron status is account-wide and covers all of the characters on an account. By default you can have up to 7 characters, with no more than 4 on the same server. The Gene (NA) and Melisara (EU) servers allow only 1 character per account.