Iyor's travel journal

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Randomly obtained from looting Sunken Treasure Chest. Can also be found in certain places on land, though a glider may be needed to access them. The purpose of these existing is unknown..


Entry #02: My feelings of friendship for Rohna had developed into love. Unfortunately, Mile's feelings had done the same. However, since Miles and I were such good friends, we each stifled our devotion... though neither of us could fully erase it.

Entry #05: After their wedding, I decided to set out on a long journey. I simply couldn't stay in the village any longer, mourning the loss of both a friend and a lover. I hoped that a journey would cure my sadness.

Entry #06: As luck would has it, I was almost immediately attacked by a bear. I threw my bag at it as a distraction, then ran like the wind, as far from Bluemist Forest as possible... and right into a pack of bandits. They stole everything I had left. I barely set out, but was already penniless.

Entry #13: I wanted to be with her. I wanted to be with her in ways I could never be with Rohna. My journey had started out with no goal, but maybe I'd had a destiny all along: maybe I was fated to find a new love to settle down with. Maybe that love was Barwen.

Entry #14: I confessed my love to the poor Elven woman. She was confused, perhaps mildly disgusted, and quickly refused me. A Nuian she barely knew confessing his love for no good reason? I was lucky she didn't run me through.

Entry #16: At Ronbann Castle, I heard a strange rumor of a cave near a waterfall in the mountains. It allegedly held the entirety of the Ronbann fortune. It took weeks, but I eventually found the cavern in question. It was no monetary fortune, but a trove of statues of the goddes Nui. Of course Nuians would think of such things as a treasure.

Entry #28: I had no intention of letting the pattern continue. I would reach the summit, or die trying, and if I made back down, I would go to the first pub I found and order the biggest dessert they had.

Entry #38: When I had recovered enough to leave, I saw all the guards loafing around. None of them engaged in any training, and some looked quite out-of-shape. It was a completely undisciplined force. If they'd tried to attack the Blackbeards, they'd likely all have ended up dead.

Entry #39: I worked at a quarry for three months, scrimping and saving so I could continue traveling. I split my funds beetween five different purses and hid them all over my body. If I was robbed again, I doubted they'd manage to find them all

Entry #43: At some point, the golem had awakened some of its friends. A full five of them were chasing me down. My legs felt impossibly heavy, but I kept flinging them forward anyway, in some desperate and clumsy imitation of fleeing.

Entry #53: Lady Wyrdwind had been groomed to be the next queen of Two Crowns ever since her birth. Her adventurous spirit had led her to resist the constant training, but that only led those around her to restrict her freedoms even further. Eventually, she accepted her fate on one condition: that she be allowed to learn swordsmanship.

Entry #56: The training was intense, but Lady Wyrdwind succeeded beautifully. She had an unmatched passion for the blade. While female knights were not all that uncommon, Marian was the first female knight of noble blood.

Upon her official knighting, she had escaped Wyrdwind manor through a secret passage, and was on her way to Sandcloud. She wanted to check in on a former maid she'd grown up with.

Entry #73: Princess Ellen immediately helped us secure some of Duke Ronbann's ships and soldiers.

I wasn't sure what to think of Ronbann--many of his people lived in poverty, while he enjoyed extreme opulence, but he seemed more than willing to give us whatever we needed to complete our quest. Can a man be both heartless and generous?

Entry #75: The Bloodhands were not at all prepared for an assault, and our forces easily overwhelmed them. The children had been drugged, erasing most memories of their old lives, but mercifully, Martin at least remembered his name. We located him among the others almost immediately.

Entry #79: Tears streamed down Lady Wyrdwind's face, but she she shook her head. She could not completely betray her family; they'd given her too much.

I asked her to wait for me. For one year. Then, I would come back to her, with a title as important as hers. I could stand at her side, and we could do as we pleased. With a rueful smile, Marian agreed. I could tell she doubted I'd manage it.