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As an MMO with a high amount of freedom, you can bet ArcheAge has quite a few players who are less than savory. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the less moral) there is a Crime and Punishment system in place to help keep things in balance.

Crime Points[]

Players accumulate Crime Points for performing distasteful acts such as assaulting/murdering players of the same faction and harvesting crops planted by others. If a player has 50 or more Crime Points they will be sent to trial upon their next PvP death. After a player has successfully completed his time in jail, Crime Points will be cleared to 0.

Note : If you managed to get your criminals points beyond 50 while still having the debuff "prisoner" from a previous sentence and get killed (if you escaped and be killed by a player), you will be on a trial again and if you are found guilty, the time of your next sentence will be added to your previous one.

Infamy Points[]

For every 1 Crime Point you earn, you will gain 1 Infamy Point. The Infamy Points will stay even after the Player has completed his/her time in Jail.

There are a few Quests in the Game that can help you to reduce your amount of Infamy Points.

Reporting a crime[]

Players may report crimes if they find related evidence.

  • Assaults/Murders leave a bloody spot on the ground that may be reported.
  • Theft leaves a trail of footprints.

Jury and Trial[]

Upon awaking, players have the option to plead guilty for a less than maximum sentence or stand trial. Players pleading guilty will be sent directly to jail for the offered duration. Players who wish to stand trial will be sent to court where they will be judged by a jury of five peers. Pleading guilty is recommended for players with few crime points, as the trial itself may take up to 10 minutes and 'innocent' verdicts are few and far between. On top of that, the duration of your sentence when pleading guilty is shorter than the maximum sentence (possible) when appearing before jury.

Jurors are selected from a pool of players, level 30+ without infamy points, who are eligible for Jury Duty. All eligible players are queued upon login. As jurors serve on juries they move back to the end of the queue. To view your eligibility and/or place in the queue, hover your mouse pointer over the 'Trials Served' line on the Character Screen.

At the start of a trial jurors are shown a window listing the players criminal activity and history. Some time is allowed for the defendant to present a case, the jury deliberates, and then each juror votes on a fitting sentence for the accused. The Trial chat channel is reserved for use by the Defendant and the jury.

The amount of votes determines the amount of time the accused player will serve. Min and Max time is determined by the current and lifetime criminal points the accused holds. If convicted, times can vary from as little as 2 minutes to as long as several days.

Any player may witness trials within the faction's courthouse. The Nuian Courthouse is located in Marianople, and the Haranian Courthouse in Austera, Solis Headlands.

Prison life[]

Prison isn't meant to be fun, players even receive a debuff that disables ALL combat and mobility skills, mounts and pets.

There are a few things players can do:

  • Talk with other inmates
  • Play soccer
  • Break Crates to obtain striped prison clothing
  • Dig
  • Kill rats
  • Play with the scoreboard in the yard
  • Escape!

Don't feel like escaping? You can work off your punishment instead! There are various activities in the prison that you can work off your sentence (note this does consume labor).

Prison break[]

If players get tired of the prison confines, escaping is surprisingly easy.

Escaping from Nuian Prison[]

Players must obtain three spoons by digging the piles outside of the main prison building. After this, they must go downstairs into the cell with the Tattered Wallpaper, remove the wallpaper, and dig their way out with the spoons.

Players can work together to escape but can't trade spoons.

After escaping, the player should receive the wanted buff. If it doesn't trigger, re-enter the escape tunnel and return to the surface. Visit a guard with the wanted buff to get sent back to trial. Hopefully, you will find a more favorable jury, for if you get declared innocent - all your related crime points and infamy are erased. Be careful though, getting another guilty will add more time for the prison break.

Escaping from Haranian Prison[]

Players must obtain a tower key by digging or killing rats, access the tower and glide away with a conveniently located glider found inside. Be warned the glider has a very short duration!

Players can work together to escape but can't trade keys.

Once outside players can go where they like. However, the debuff is not removed until the sentenced time is up, meaning activities are greatly limited.


There are many daily quests scattered around the world that lower criminal points as a reward. Draught of Forgiveness can also be consumed to reduce infamy and crime points by 100.

In Marianople, to the left of the Hero Hall are two quests for cleaning up the gardens and the sewers. Each will remove 10 infamy/crime points and can be completed daily.

In Sanddeep, there is a quest along the south side of the beach that will let you clean up trash in the ocean and beach to reduce your infamy/crime.

Outdated Items[]

  • You can no longer go Pirate by increasing infamy. To go Pirate, you must follow the exile system.