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A human and granddaughter of the Fir King in Auroria, who ruled the land of rural mountain kingdom Daeior. Her father, the mage Prince Raeven, was obsessed with the Akasch and performed mad experiments to this end so his mother, the Fir Queen Rosia, exiled him. He abandoned his daughter instead of taking her with him to pursue his studies in secret. Her mother followed suit and left her with Rosia - who hated Kyprosa and forced her into a live of servitude. Years later, an infant was delivered to the gates of Fir Castle, Orchidna, who was by a letter identified as her bastard sister, Raeven being her father. Kyprosa, known for her compassion, saved Orchidna when she was abandoned as infant in the woods. The story is described in Daughter of the Winter Fir.

Orchidna wrote a journal while imprisoned on the gatekeeper's throne in The Garden that tells more about Kyprosa.

Kyprosa brought Orchidna back in secret and hid her in a tower room. Soon Rosia learned of this and the shouting match ensuing was a tale among the servants. But Kyprosa won and Rosia let her keep Orchidna. She cared for her like a mother.

Kyprosa, was supposed to marry her Cousin, Jaeim Daeior, to keep the rule over the land safe within the family. But despite loving him dearly she refused to be trapped at Fir Castle all her life and fled with Orchidna to Delphinad to study magic. There she met Gene Evernight who became her lover and told her about The Expedition. She was intend on making a better life and joined them. In the garden she accepted a soul fragment from Thiol and became the Gatekeeper of Hell (land of dreams??) and Contact, Ranshisha. She did not realize that Orchidna was abandoned by all on the gatekeepers throne but when she learned the truth she was horrified and went back, sacrificing herself to take Orchidna's place.

The skillset of Vitalism is attributed to Kyprosa.