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Kyrios is the God of Destruction and one of the 19 deities.

The soul fragment of Kyrios was accepted by Gene Evernight when The Expedition found Thiol in The Garden. The new god Kyrios wrecked havoc upon the world of Erenor and thus Gene was separated from the soul fragment again and thus killed and Kyrios's fragment sealed away.

The alternate dimension that is a world beyond the known world, is called Kyrios; named for the god Kyrios, as that is where he is trapped. In the world beyond, the Goddess Nui keeps Kyrios from entering the world, but her hold grows weaker and weaker, and occasionally a gateway is opened. The Goddess Nui is sealed away with him because she is the only one who can keep him at bay, but no one can predict how strong Kyrios might become. Currently, efforts are being made to revive Kyrios and the new Wind God (Tahyang Kahlzit) by the Shadow Order and School of Arkanis.