Labor Points are the currency of crafting, allowing and limiting your crafting ability. They are also required for various actions such as identifying equipment or gathering plants. You obtain Labor Points either by time passing while in game, while out of game if you're a Patron, or through the use of certain potions which grant Labor points. The Labor Point cost of various actions varies widely and can be as little as 1, or as large as several hundred per action.

Labor Point UsesEdit

Labor Points are consumed for virtually all activities in ArcheAge with very few exceptions. Labor Points are consumed when:

  • Gathering wild plants or minerals
  • Harvesting personal or public farmlands
  • Identification of unidentified equipment
  • Opening coin purses
  • Crafting items such as weapons or seed bundles
  • Crafting and turning in trade packs
  • Fishing (Both Bait and Sport fishing)
  • Tempering weapons and armor
  • Disenchanting items
  • Using Elite Merchant's Cushion (Auction House, Merchant, Warehouse NPC)
  • Listing & Buying from the Auction House
  • Collecting goods from mail
  • Planting certain plants and animals outside private property
  • Uprooting farmlands
  • Constructing Buildings, Ships, and Farms.

Labor PoolEdit

Your account shares it's labor point pool across all characters and servers on each specific region. With that in mind, a player may consume all their labor on the North American region and then switch over to the European region and still have labor points there, unaffected by the North American region activities.

Use of a
Workers Compensation

Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation potion restores 1000 Labor Points to the account/region it was used on. Worker's Compensation potions can be purchased from the Marketplace for 300 Credits or 25 Loyalty Token. They may also be purchased in the Auction House for game currency. There also exist different potions of varying names which also restore Labor Points, some do not have a cooldown between uses.

Labor Points GenerationEdit

The generation of labor points is a continuous action while online for all players. Patron subscribers benefit from labor point generation while offline, same amount as the online rate.

Patron SubscribersEdit

  • Maximum Labor Pool: 5,000 Labor Points
  • Online Regeneration: 10 Labor Points every 5 minutes
  • Offline Regeneration: 5 Labor Points every 5 minutes

Free to PlayEdit

  • Maximum Labor Pool: 2,000 Labor Points
  • Online Regeneration: 5 Labor Points every 5 minutes
  • Offline Regeneration: None


There is currently an auto-kick timer in place which makes AFK labor generation less reliable.