Labor Points are essentially a form of currency that is generated over time. They're required to do almost anything related to Crafting, Professions or completing Trade Runs.


Labor points are shared across an entire account, meaning every character shares the same labor point count.

  • Patrons can have up to 5000 Labor Points at once.
  • Normal users can only store up to 2000 at once.

Labor regeneration and stock is different between regions. Which means that an EU Patron will regenerate Labor on his NA account, and labor used on EU servers will still be available on US.

Natural Regeneration

  • For Patrons, Labor regenerates at a rate of 10 points every 5 minutes while online and 10 points every 5 minutes while offline.
  • Free users will regenerate Labor at a rate of 5 points every 5 minutes while online and none while offline.

Additional Regeneration

Currently the only ways to obtain Labor Points outside of them being generated over time are as follows:

  • Consuming labor granting potions, such as Worker's Compensation.
  • Sleeping in a bed, either a public one by paying Gilda Stars, or your own owned bed. Gained labor depends on the bed quality, capping at 100 bonus points, and sleeping can only be done once every 22 hours.
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