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Lutesong Junk is the Easterns version of the Galleon. It costs 250 Gilda Star to obtain the pattern to create it, as well as 5 Iron Pack, Wood Pack, Textile Pack, 10g and 450 labor to build it.

It is armed with 8 cannons used for Naval PVP. It comes with a Medium Compass located on the deck of the ship which reveals ships in the immediate area of the ship. It also has 4 Trade Pack Storage slots allowing it to carry 4 additional trade packs making it an alternative way to complete trade runs. It contains 6 Temporary Underwater Breathing Device which can be equipped to breath underwater for 10minutes. One Plank is located on both sides of the ship which can help to deny other players from boarding the ship.

Galleons move North to South at a base rate of 10.2 ms / second and East to West at 7.1ms / second. This makes it much slower than the Clipper. However, with the Galleons ability to Charge for 2 minutes, it increases max move speed by 40% allowing it to move 14.2 ms / second North to South. With Eco Fuel Boost + Charge ability active at the same time, it can move up to 16.7 ms / second North to South making it temporarily the fastest moving ship in the game.

Galleons turn very slowly making it difficult to Privateer with.