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Luscas Awakening is a quest which is completed on a naval event that occurs inside the Sea of Graves (in the Arcadian sea, right north of freedish).  

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Starting the quest[edit | edit source]

You can pick up the quest with the [Seamist Researcher] in Diamond Shores by the dock or near the Mistsong Portal and in Growlgate by the abyssal/luscas portal, or in Marianople, Austera and conquered aurorian territories when the event starts by their respective luscas/abyssal portals (this feature is supposedly bugged and may not work every time).

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Every tuesday, thursday and saturnday at 18:00 (server time) the octopus like monster called 'Lusca' will spawn at random in one of the 3 lodestones in the sea of graves. Namely these lodestones are:

  • The Southwestern Lodestone (also known as SW)
  • The Northern lodestone (also known as N)
  • The Southeastern lodestone (also known as SE)

At the same time portals will be open in Diamond Shores, Marianople, Austera, Growsgate and any conquered territory in Auroria which will teleport player to 3 nui's depending on their faction.

  • The northern nui of the sea of graves for the nuians
  • The southwestern nui of the sea of graves for the haranians
  • The southeastern nui of the sea of graves for the pirates

The objective of the quest is to kill 5 tagged luscas, people in the same raid or coraid will share the number of kills if they are less than 100m from the luscas when it dies.

The sea of graves is a open pvp area, so PvP is to be expected in this event for getting luscas

Luscas are almost immune to ranged, magic and melee damage, thus, players are supposed to use boat cannons to kill luscas and other faction's boats

Rewards for the quest[edit | edit source]

If you manage to do this you will earn:

Other information[edit | edit source]

Luscas can drop many things some which may include but are not restricted to, are:

  • Caernord Shipwright's Design Bag
  • Enoan Shipwright's Design Bag
  • Eznan Shipwright's Design Bag
  • Ship Component Regrade Scroll
  • Enoan Galleon Blueprint Fragment

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